Victor Oladipo Fulfills Heat Mandate as ‘A Star in Your Role’

Victor Oladipo Fulfills Heat Mandate as 'A Star in Your Role'

Victor Oladipo Fulfills Heat Mandate as 'A Star in Your Role'

It’s the latest spo-ism, another morsel from Miami Heat coach Eric Spoelstra that can either inspire or fall on skeptical ears.

After nearly a year of basketball silence, as he recovers from quadriceps surgery in May 2021, Victor Oladipo was all ears.

So the veteran heat guard let the message resonate.

“We’re just going out there every night and just trying to be a star in our role,” Oladipo said in the middle of this Eastern Conference semifinal playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center for Thursday night’s game. gone. “We try to say that all the time, that’s what the SPO says all the time, ‘Be a star in your role.’

“And I understand what my role is on this team, and every night I try to be a star with everyone else. We just have to keep getting better.”

With nuanced phrasing, Spoelstra has created a star system that allows anyone and everyone on the roster to stand as a star.

“It just shows the kind of depth and the kind of human beings that we have in this ball club,” Oladipo said.

Kyle Lowry has been isolated from a hamstring strain, reconfiguring Oladipo’s role.

And so, from a career he built as an early shooting guard he has emerged as the quarterback of a second unit, allowing Tyler Harrow to return to his scoring instincts with that unit.

“Somehow,” he said, “I just go out there and just play, and whatever they want from me, whatever they ask of me. I just go out there and do it to the best of my ability and the team.” I do whatever I can to help him win.

“If they need me to play backup one, if they need me to play four, five, whatever the case may be, I just go out there and do whatever I can to help my team win.” I do that.”

For Spoelstra, Oladipo has been a star in his role, just getting to the point, contributing to a team with a vision of a deep playoff run, at a stage that previously stood as a roadblock for Oladipo. .

“I think the biggest story about Vic is his commitment to healing his body, preparing him mentally, physically, emotionally,” Spoelstra said, with Oladipo not returning until March. “And then to be vulnerable, just to be available.

“I’ve said this many times, but there aren’t a lot of players who would do that, put yourself out there for the team if you’re not guaranteed a specific role. And that role is different than when he’s at the top of his game. He’s been on. He’s a well-known player. And you’re talking about a full-time starter and an All-Star player, the All-NBA, like leading the league in stealth. Like all these things one or two options And here he is playing a completely different role.”

This is what makes “Star in Your Role” particularly fitting.

“He’s embracing it,” said Spolestra. “It’s increasing by the week. But I think it’s a big credit to his competitive character and his willingness to give to the team, even if it fits exactly what he was before.

“And he has shown, if he has those opportunities, in terms of use, he can be who he was before. And sometimes, we need that. Sometimes we need him to play other roles.” And he has taken it all in.”

a star

in his role.

“That’s why I respect him a lot,” Spoelsta said. “I admire him for that. It’s also the first time he’s been part of a team that’s been out in the first round. And he’s just soaking in it all. And he’s just giving and helping and wants to serve.

“Wouldn’t we all be better off if we were all like this in our daily businesses, no matter what we do?”


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