Florida’s mayor said the community urgently needed more fire trucks. Regarding the forest emergency that affects the commune, it was reported that there are seven sources of fire in the Puente 7 sector.

Mayor of Florida in the Bio Bio area, George RoaRefers to forest fires affecting the commune.

situation due to emergency Seven sources of fire in Puente 7 sector,

The community chief said in this regard that members of the Forestal Arauco Brigade and volunteers of the Fire Department have been deployed to control these accidents.

At this he realized that resources to fight the flames were scarce, as the territorial extent was too wide.

“We need more fire trucks in our commune, at some point we were fighting alone with our cars, all the emergencies we had in different areas”lament.

While thanking the support sent in from neighboring communes, he indicated that a new fire truck would arrive in Florida sometime this year, 2023.

wildfire video in florida

Damage records reveal the magnitude of the fires and how close they were to homes.

Occupied, volunteers from the fire department are trying to get the fire under control.

Video Captures Wildfire Near Homes In Florida: Mayor Calls For More Fire Trucks