Video: Caramel Math steals lunch box from delivery man in Paras

An unusual case in Para went viral on social media this Wednesday (14). Security camera footage shows the moment a stray dog ​​takes advantage of the delivery man’s distraction and steals a lunch bag. The scene happened last Sunday (11) in the municipality of Mokajuba, located in the Baixo Tocantins area in Para.

The pictures show the biker reaching the delivery location. He stops the bike, exits the vehicle and opens the backpack where the lunchboxes are, dropping it on top of the bike. The dog comes to him and sees him. When the biker is distracted while trying to call the customer at the door of the house, one of the lunchboxes slips on the floor. Caramel Dog then comes towards the bag and takes it with his mouth. Everything happens without seeing the delivery person. Until he goes back to the bag and sees that there is only one bag. But at that moment, the puppy was already far away.

Delivery men Rosielson Melo and Tharles Costa — Photo: Disclosure

Tharles Costa, owner of the restaurant “Delicious de Francesca”, says the delivery man was “stolen” when he went to the intercom to call a customer. Without knowing the whereabouts of the lunch box, delivery man Rosilson Melo was unable to explain to the customer the reason for the food’s disappearance. “The customer couldn’t believe the food was gone. The delivery man reached here, not knowing what. The cameras, then we saw everything that happened. The story went viral and I was contacted by people from many states”, he reports did.

Via the restaurant’s social networks, the owner of the establishment showed that he reacted to the episode with good humor. In addition to publishing the stolen video, they managed to find the “suspect”, which was warmly received.

Theft at the restaurant with good humor was encountered: Caramel Math was received with affection – Photo: Reproduction


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