Video: The moment Gaultier dismissed Messi

PSG didn’t have a great time at the Parc des Princes against Monaco in Paristhe game that began to lose and It was hardly a tie thanks to a penalty which Neymar converted for a goal. Too little for a team that aims for more than one point, and has players like Lionel Messi or Mbappe on the pitch. However, there was another shocking situation this Sunday. DT Gaultier of Paris won the match 1-1. decided to kick out Leo when, Here, the video of the moment.

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Messi’s departure:

What can be noted is that while the game opened and PSG were looking for a winning goal, Gaultier decided that Messi should be replaced: It had been 86 minutes when the electronic symbol showed 30 and was replaced by Pablo Sarabia. The Argentine looked at his number and without any gesture, the Spaniard and dt. both went out without greeting,

Messi, changed.

Messi, changed.

till the moment of change, LThere was some flair of EO in a generally flat game. In the first half he scored a Brilliant left footed shot from outside the area that took the stick out (Mbappe on the rebound also crashed his shot into the post) and in complement he Fair and accurate pass for Neymar to accelerate towards the area in which the penalty was imposed,

1-1 Goals:

PSG play again on Wednesday when they visit Toulouse, ie in 72 hours, a situation that could be linked to Gaultier’s decision to oust Messi.

Gaultier’s word:

“We were certainly upset by a great Monaco team in the first 35 minutes. He obstructed our first-ball exit and was very much in the game to win the balls. And he knew that like scoring. How to use our quality well in the transition. We lacked a lot of dynamics. We had very little pace, too many back balls to play, it was better at the end of the first half. But we were the opponents. Were very surprised by the intensity. This first period should serve as a lesson for us to progress”.

“In the second half we had more mobility and availability, fine-tuning his defensive line, we got better technical ties. Danilo’s entry gave us athletic value, but also the ability to win the ball more. We gave Monaco one less block We put in and we had good chances, but we couldn’t score the second goal.

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Penalty Kickers Theme: “The hierarchy is well established: one has Kylian and two has Neymar. But then, there is the reality of the game and the moment. I saw they exchanged and Ney decided to execute, but Kylian After speaking with him. I appreciated Kian’s attitude for congratulating him and Ney thanked him. He is a great player and it is up to him to decide how he feels. The most important thing is That Neymar scored and Killian came to congratulate him.”

sequence is coming

While it seems odd to take it out for a few minutes, an explanation of Gallier’s revision may have an explanation in the calendar. There is now one date during the week and PSG tour Toulouse (Wednesday 4pm), then visit Nantes on Saturday 9/3 and then Juventus (Tuesday 9/6) to start the Champions League group stage. ) achieves that objective therefore desired by the entire club.


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