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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Video: What happened on the field that Rishabh Pant showed Ben Stokes attitude!

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New Delhi: There were many ups and downs in the Indian innings on the first day of the second Test between India and England which started on Saturday. Indian batsman Rohit Sharma’s brilliant 161 runs entertained the audience a lot, while Rishabh Pant also left no stone unturned to hit fours and sixes on the field.

But there was a time on the field when Rishabh Pant showed attitude to English players. It was so that Root was bowling in the 86th over that the England fielders made some comments during this over. At this, Pant stood behind his bat and started talking to those fielders.

Pant’s attitude seemed as if he was saying that I will not bat until you are silent. He nodded to Ben Stokes standing in the slip. Later on, he also talked to England captain Joe Root. When Ben Stokes also came near the pitch, he had a lot of conversation with Pant. Then Stokes left. Rishabh Pant also said something to umpire Arvind Sharma about this. The umpire intervened in this matter and explained it to him and he also spoke to the England players.

Due to this, the contest was stopped for some time. This giggling between Rishabh Pant and Ben Stokes added excitement to the spectators watching the match at the MA Chidambaram Stadium. The audience raised a lot of slogans of ‘Rishabh Pant Rishabh Pant’ after this incident.

Rishabh Pant, who landed at number six on the first day of the second Test, wreaked havoc on England’s bowler Leach that the audience remained stunned. It happened that India had 5 wickets for 259 runs, Rishabh Pant was on the field scoring 5 runs and played 16 balls. Meanwhile, Rishabh Pant wreaked havoc on England’s top spinner Leach, who came to throw the 79th over.

Rishabh Pant used the steps to put the brilliant leach ball on flight mode. Pant hit a six on the deep extra cover so that Leech’s senses flew away. Rishabh Pant entertained the audience a lot before the first day’s play was over. The special thing is that Rishabh Pant hit 5 fours and 1 six. Pant has scored 33 runs till the end of the first day’s play. While the team’s score has been 300 runs for 6 wickets.


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