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Zhou Guanyue said the Halo safety device “saved me today” after surviving a horror multi-car smash at the start of Sunday’s British Grand Prix. Zhou’s Alfa Romeo was catapulted upside down, the Chinese rookie’s head saved by his car’s roll hoop-halo as it slammed into a gravel net and slid over a tire barrier in the catch fencing , where it sprung back up to a semi-straight finish in a stable position. , Marshall approaches Zhou trapped in his stricken car. A detailed replay of the accident was not immediately available until Zhou was rescued from his car.

As a specialist extraction team entered the area back into the pits after the collision, Zhou attended, who remained in his car until it became clear.

George Russell’s Mercedes, Alpine’s Esteban Ocon, Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri) and Alex Albon’s Williams were also in the pile, causing a red flag delay of one hour.

The other drivers, including Russell, climbed out of their cars to assist Zhou after the collision.

In a radio statement, Alfa Romeo told Zhou’s teammate Valtteri Bottas: “Zhou is conscious, he is talking, there is no fracture. Given the circumstances, he is very, very good.”

Albon was also taken to a medical center before being transferred by helicopter to Coventry Hospital for further precautionary tracks.

The sport’s ruling body, the International Motoring Federation (FIA), advised that both drivers were alert and were being checked and evaluated.

He later announced that Zhou was “in good health and has left the medical centre”.

The typical speed of Formula One cars in that part of the circuit is around 240 kilometers per hour.

In the re-runs of the opening, it appeared that Russell, starting in eighth, turned to his right after a poor start and collided with Zhou’s Alfa Romeo as the pair attempted to stay ahead of Pierre Gasly.

This started Zhou’s wild excursions off-circuit and pulled other cars around him in a number of less serious collisions.

He later returned to the pits to watch Carlos Sainz register his first F1 win, tweeting to his fans: “I’m fine, everything is clear. Hello saved me today. For your kind messages Thanks everyone!”


It was not the first collision in which a ‘Halo’ device was instrumental in saving a driver from serious injury on Sunday – Roy Nissani survived when another car driven by Dennis Hauger landed above his cockpit in which he was rescued by Halo In the race for Formula 2. Both narrowly escaped.

Last season Lewis Hamilton sang a halo to save Max Verstappen from serious damage after he ended up on top of his cockpit in a scary incident at Red Bull’s Monza.

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