Violent attack on Pudahuel Winery, criminals set vehicles on fire on Route 68 to escape

Violento asalto en bodega de Pudahuel: Delincuentes incendiaron vehículos en la Ruta 68 para huir

A case of robbery was registered in the company’s godowns on Wednesday morning Quintec in the commune pudahuel Where an unknown group of criminals entered the place to take boxes of technology products worth 3 million.

incident happened around 05:30 hours That’s when the criminals—taking advantage of the fact that the doors were open for another customer—entered the area around Bodegas San Francisco, where the high-end technology distribution company is located.

Although the exact number has not been determined, it is estimated that there were at least 10 people who entered the premises and threatened the security guards. Injured him with the handle of the alleged gun.

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captain luis zara escobar The patrol officer of the Santiago-Oriente province of Carabineros explained that “through the moon landing, With one of the vehicles they were traveling in, they managed to open the metal curtain Stealing an indeterminate number of boxes, the interior of which was held by various technical devices”.

Meanwhile, Bodegas San Francisco explained that two vehicles rendered unserviceable: one to land on the moon and the other to land on the moon company security system, So the criminals fled in the same car. limited number of species What “does not exceed 3 million pesos“, who were later released.

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The criminals set up a hideout for their escape and to hinder the work of the police. Three vehicles were set on fire at the Route 68 roundabout, another on Serrano Street and the last on one of the accesses to Americo Vespuccio., They also threw miguelitos, built barricades with tires, and fired shots.

So far no arrests have been made for this fact and the investigating police are yet to make an official assessment.


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