Viral: Woman attacks pizzeria workers for having TV in Spanish

Viral: Woman attacks pizzeria workers for having TV in Spanish

After continuing to program in Spanish on the televisions of a pizzeria in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, a customer is said to have prompted her to unleash her anger at the Hispanic workers at the establishment.

Footage captured on TikTok by the business owner’s daughter of the woman verbally assaulting the owner, pulling out her finger and insisting on a refund before calling them “undocumented immigrants.”

“We tried to sort things out as best we could. The difference is that she didn’t speak to one of the employees, but to me,” emphasized the owner, a Guatemalan who served the community for 10 years and chose to remain anonymous for caution. “One can control oneself, but maybe others cannot. Hard is the part where you have to put up with everything he says.

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The incident took place during lunch on Thursday, February 23, when the merchant’s wife sat down to eat lunch and watch TELEMUNDO 62. the Spanish channel.

Immediately afterwards, the client unleashed a fury of derogatory swear words such as “you are going to lose your business, I am going to take care of it”, “my family has been here for over 200 years”, “you are not an American type and I am not.” , I am going to give my money to an undocumented immigrant”, “you have Spanish on TV and you are in America”, “I want my money back”, “you are ignorant, you don’t understand”, “you probably don’t know what’s going on,” “I’m an American and I’m not a racist.”

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After the avalanche of insults, the woman continued filming with her phone and changed the version of what happened: “I’m at Amy’s Pizzeria in Hatboro asking for a refund because their food is terrible and they won’t give it to me because I am white. They’re harassing me and filming me because I’m white.”

The owner of the pizzeria told TELEMUNDO 62 that “she felt ugly when she started insulting me, telling me that she would make sure this case was kept out. We’ve been serving this community for a while now and have tons of customers. It’s hard to please everyone, but most of us are well accepted.”

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The woman involved in the lawsuit was interviewed by the Hatboro Police Department as the company alerted authorities, and the event is still under investigation. The images recorded by both the pizzeria employee and the alleged verbal aggressor are also assessed.

Footage captured by an employee at Amy’s pizzeria in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, shows a customer angry that the employees at the establishment were programming in Spanish and lashing out at them.


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