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Visual health, an urgent public health issue to address

At present, the visual health of people at the national level has already become a serious public health problem, mainly due to the fact that the prevalence of diabetes is increasing instead of reducing the rate of diabetes. New diagnoses every year, Dr. Carla Pérez Montano, president of the Mexican Retina Association, said in an interview with Crónica.

An expert on the issues of diabetic retinopathy established that instead of having adequate control of type 2 diabetes mellitus, the result is that people who live with the condition and do not know it still spend a long time before They realize they are sick and receive an accurate diagnosis.

This happens, he recalled, because patients practically do not realize that the disease is developing, since in its early stages diabetes is asymptomatic, although over months and years these patients usually have kidney, There will be complications in the eyes. throughout the body, “so if you have this disease with poor control, it will inevitably have consequences.”

Sadly, diabetes occurs increasingly in younger patients.

He said that the saddest part is that diabetes is increasingly being diagnosed among younger and more economically active people, which is a big problem as not only they but their family members, their economic dependents are also affected by it. occur and then it is becoming a big snowball for the country in terms of people of productive age, but health problems are already starting, thus reducing, he said, the Economically Active Population (EAP ).

The data is impressive, if one takes into account that for every person who is diagnosed with diabetes, we have an additional patient who still doesn’t know they have diabetes, and this is because The disease doesn’t cause symptoms at first, he reiterated, adding that the fact that we don’t have a culture of prevention tends to underestimate statistics.

The same is the case with diabetic retinopathy as we have data on the prevalence of 34 to 60% of adults, however, estimates show a much higher prevalence than any other Latin American country” and therefore we rely on data from around the world. above which is a real crisis”.

North of the country, the most affected area

For example in the north of the country three out of four people have diabetes and if they are not careful they will suffer from diabetic retinopathy and after living 10 years with this disease they already have eye problems, It is also earlier, sometimes because there is no clear diagnosis and it is not known when the diabetes problem started.

In this sense, the expert warned that when a person suffers from diabetes and has had many years of development but does not know it, one of the first symptoms is reduced vision, “the problem is that the disease is asymmetric. may occur, i.e. may begin with loss of vision in one eye and may or may not be realized, as you can see with the other, there may be cases of haemorrhages, reduced vision in one eye later Gets a little better and then they trust themselves and don’t go to the eye specialist.

certain discomforts that are warning signs

Diabetic retinopathy is a disease that progresses and without treatment it is getting worse and worse and when they have poor vision in the other eye, it is sometimes too late, especially to save the first eye. For where vision problems start and then they come. Specialists with very serious problems and at times the damage is almost impossible to repair.

The best time to see a specialist, as mentioned by Dr. Carla Perez Montano, is preventive, if you have a family history of obesity, overweight, diabetes, or even if you have low vision. , then maybe you have a sense of seeing garbage. your visual field, sensation of flies flying, not trusting yourself, it could be bleeding or distortion in your vision, i.e. seeing ripples, maybe retinal detachment, cataracts which are highly associated with diabetes, “This is because the crystalline lens is like a lens and there is an opacity behind the lens, ie if they have frosted glass and it gives them a lot of photophobia, ie they feel sorry for sunlight, which Another feature is the fact.

In the case of diabetic retinopathy, patients should not be trusted, as they can live with the disease for up to 10 years, and be completely asymptomatic in their vision, even if they have high sugar levels and their The vision is normal, but after so many years of uncontrolled disease or poor control, retinal problems begin.

In general, people who suspect that they may have diabetes should pay attention to very specific symptoms such as: excessive thirst, excessive urge to urinate and excessive hunger, this is similar to the tridoshas and is a symptom of diabetes , but the vision may be normal and those who are asymptomatic are the most dangerous because they do not realize it.

Dr. Pérez Montano indicated that approximately two million people are currently living with diabetes and there are estimates that indicate that between 34% and 60% have diabetic retinopathy, which shows what a very high number of figures Unfortunately, we do not have national statistics, but I can tell you that about 34 to 36 percent of all people with diabetes have diabetic retinopathy.

Given this, he reiterated, taking risk factors into account is very important and one of these is family inheritance, and genetics doesn’t help us much, because compared to the United States, they rank first in obesity and we rank second. are on Though there are more number of people with diabetes than we are diabetic, but these are due to our genetics and hence if our parents or grandparents have diabetes, it is best for us to get checked at least every year .

If we already have diabetes, even if we have good vision, especially if we know we don’t have good habits, good nutrition and exercise, we have metabolic syndrome, so that’s the best way to start the new year. and maintain a healthy lifestyle with check-ups. The specialist recommended timely medical consultation. Visual Health, to attend to an urgent public health problem

The president of the Mexican Retina Association has warned that diabetes remains the main cause of blindness in the country.

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