Vitor Roque hallucinates his removal and rejection of resources

Vitor Roque hallucinates his removal and rejection of resources

Victor Roque He will miss the match against Grenada at Olympique de Montjuic this Sunday. This Friday, the Appeal Committee also rejected the appeal presented by FC Barcelona for his second yellow card in Vitória, which caused him to face expulsion and which prevented him from continuing his streak after scoring in the last two matches. Will give. In an exclusive interview with MD, Tigrinho explains His feelings about this decision and what it revealed was what referee Martínez Munuera said in sending him off in Vitória.

Current events rule. The Appeal Committee rejected the appeal submitted on your behalf by Barça and you will not be able to play against Granada. What do you think?

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I think the yellow card was unfair, at least the second one, and now I have to face punishment. It was the referee’s decision, Barça tried to appeal in every way, so I have no choice but to give the sanction and prepare for the next game.

When the referee sent him out on the field, he looked quite surprised. Did you understand anything at that moment?

At first I didn’t understand, it was a game in which the defender came towards me with his foot forward and when I saw him I tried to turn my foot so as not to collide with him and get injured. But the player starts shouting and the referee shows me a yellow card.

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Did the referee give you any explanation?

‘It’s not like Brazil here,’ he told me. “It’s not like Brazil, it was no foul and I just respected the decision and left the field,” he said.

Given this decision and the resources have not been advanced, do you understand that the President says the league is adulterated and Xavi says Barça is paying for the ‘Negrera affair’?

I understand a little, I was saddened by their decision to retain the yellow, but now I have to complete the clearance and prepare as best I can to do my best in the next games.

Does not being able to play against Granada after scoring in the last two matches make you more angry?

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Yes, yes, because I wanted to be on the field helping my teammates like I have been helping, but now I have to keep a cool head and keep working.


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