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VKB’s GF Tariff Brings Improvements With Customer Benefits


September 7, 2022 – With its new basic capacity insurance, Versicherungskammer Bayern has included in the tariff a number of services that are particularly useful to the customer. Basic skills and some optional packages can be insured. There is also family insurance, which pays twelve monthly pensions, up to a maximum of €24,000. Definitions are at upper market standard. The positive thing about it is that it integrates easily measurable time values ​​in part, says biometrics expert Philipp Wenzel in his guest article.

The Versicherungskammer Bayern (VKB) brokerage is not necessarily up for the innovations in the market. That’s why it’s even more gratifying when an insurer sometimes gets a step ahead of the competition with new riskier tariffs.

This is all the more plausible because the improvements are “only” about customer benefit compared to the market. Because these innovations are currently not relevant in almost any rating.

But first things first: VKB now has basic capacity (GF) insurance as well. Like all other providers, general insurance terms are written in two columns. It’s easy to read when it’s out of print, but it’s annoying on screen because you’re constantly scrolling. It will probably take some time before the awareness of this problem reaches the industry.

Basic skills and various packages

Philippe Wenzel (Image: Doris Koehler)
Philippe Wenzel (Image: Doris Koehler)

Basic skills of use of hand, use of hand, grasping and holding, listening, speaking, seeing, walking, standing, sitting, kneeling, bending, lifting and carrying, climbing stairs, maintaining balance, care and writing is insured. Driving a car, riding a motorcycle, cycling and using local public transport are insured in the “Mobility” package.

Office package includes smartphone, dexterity, typing/keyboard and screen work. Pulling and pushing, protective function of skin, infection, sense of smell and taste and touch are insured in the “Grab” package.

The “head” includes responsible action, intelligence, and dementia. “Psyche” insures severe depression and schizophrenia and “Psyche Plus” provides benefits in case of complete disability as a result of mental illness.

In addition, the inability to work for 24 months (AU) clauses are almost logical as building blocks, early and reintegration assistance, family security and critical illness benefits.


Family Security provides up to twelve monthly pensions

Family safety is especially attractive. In my opinion, basic capacity insurance is not primarily a substitute for disability insurance, but a safeguard for everyday life. And when it comes to parenting, family is part of it.

Family insurance pays up to twelve monthly pensions, up to a maximum of EUR 24,000, if a child living in the insured’s household suffers from a serious illness over a long period of time. These include cancer, a benign brain tumor, bacterial meningitis, encephalitis, polio, paralysis or deafness.

Even if the partner needs care permanently, Versicherungskammer Bayern pays twelve monthly pensions or a maximum of 24,000 euros in this module.

The thinking behind this is very good and right. In the next step, you should move away from giving pure cash benefits here and provide relief in the form of caregiving, caregiving and other daily assistance. The insurer can then be treated more as a pro who cares about the insured.

Definitions on Top Market Standards

Basic capabilities are defined on the top market standard. The only thing that comes out negative is “riding a bicycle”, as a tricycle is also tested. Here, on the other hand, the top five basic capacity insurers in the market use single-track bicycles.

However, the market can learn a lesson from the words “climbing the stairs”. Here, VKB is the only insurer on the market that gives the current value. Twelve steps have to be done up and down in six minutes.

For example, it is much easier to objectify than to formulate mastering the twelve steps without a break of more than a minute. Because where does the break begin? What if the levels are conquered very slowly but steadily?

For basic skills “smartphone” and “keyboard”, the words must be typed within five minutes.

Interesting option especially for young families

Overall, with the new GF insurance, VKB offers an interesting option to the market, especially for young families, who, in addition to the income that is covered by occupational disability insurance, also covers everyday living and the costs involved. want to cover. Basic ability loss.

It would be desirable for the customer if other providers in the market also included easily measurable time values ​​in the definitions. The idea of ​​family building block is also exemplary and can be further developed in many directions.

The insurers can then get away with the image of the service provider as money. This will lead to the idea of ​​a company that supports you to recover again in difficult times or to live in the best possible way with limits.

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