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Vladimir Putin clutches furniture tightly to soothe his chronic pain, does he have a terminal illness?

it seems to him Russian President Vladimir Putin They haven’t been good days, because around them they add more journalistic version They talk about the state of their health. Now, thanks for the compilation of photos and videos as well as an acknowledgment Danish Defense Intelligence Service It is believed that, although does not suffer from incurable disease, you may be receiving hormonal cancer treatment that may have influenced your decision invade Ukraine. According to an agent of the special group, named only joachim, the president also suffers from a chronic pain, which explains why they have been seen during virtual and face-to-face meetings forcefully grabbed the table and chairs with the intention of “Support”.

This is not the first time that it has been noted that the President is uncomfortable in their face-to-face meetings. Photo: Associated Press and the Kremlin

This is to say of the Danish Defense Intelligence Service

official who heads the Danish intelligence service Putin diagnosed with cancer 70 year old man This is not a terminal But you may have been harmed by the medicine you prescribed “delusions of grandeur”. Similarly, it is known that he told the media News German Berlingske What? “It’s chronic pain that you’ve been suffering from for a long time.” it would explain it Tendency to sit and hold onto things tightly. in itself it does it to relieve for a moment Pain. In addition, the Secret Service believes the Russian president was administered a strong drug to numb the pain, which may have been the result of a fall or sports injury. It should be noted that the Russian leader was surrounded by rumors about his Poor health condition during 2022.

it came together because, in his public appearances, He looked very uneasy and unsteady. He was even seen clinging to surfaces with force in search of support, in images compiled by various media and even in those that were captured on video. Web. According to Danish intelligence, they believe Putin had cancer at some point in his life, which would explain his injuries from treatment at the start of the war. Ukraine.

The official said, “Delusions of grandeur are one of the known side effects of that type of hormone treatment. It’s not something I can say for sure, but I think it influenced their decisions when they started the war in Ukraine.” impressed.” Joachim.

In separate meetings in July and August, the Russian leader was seen pressing the table several times to “relieve” momentary pain. Photo: Exclusive

These are the dates most talked about in the media

On July 26, 2022, Vladimir Putin heard the executive director of Russian Space Agency Roscosmos, Yuri Ivanovich Borisov During this face-to-face meeting, he is seen holding the desk with his right hand. On the other hand, on 25 August of the same year, he was seen squeezing the same piece of furniture with the same force during a meeting. Daniil Yegorov, head of the Federal Tax Service. another sign that stood out “Joachim”, It was that the President’s face seemed to have withered, this was as a result of hormonal treatment. It is also speculated that he has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Similarly, the theory is supported by statements from other intelligence reports, where they suggest Putin He has become more paranoid and unstable.

“I have watched and watched President Putin for many years and what I have seen, especially over the last decade, is that he is creating a very flammable combination of grudge, greed and insecurity. included,” said. President CIA Director William Burns last year.

He also said that the increasingly narrow inner circle Putin And his grip on power has tightened, leaving him ever more isolated and confused about the stark reality of the war. It has also been claimed in a recent Wall Street Journal report russian president have avoided the internet for fear of western surveillance And he is completely dependent on the reports of his appointed advisors who are afraid to speak the truth.

some updates Battlefield It may also take several days to reach your desktop, meaning the information is no longer relevant. They make sure their relatives are ready to expose moscow hit why bemoan his many failures in battle, what gives Putin I am sure he will keep on marching towards victory. On the other hand, intelligence America verifies that there is no significant figure of Kremlin with the ears of Putin Be prepared to upset him or counter his distorted view of the world.

The injuries were traced to a possible intravenous treatment, his constant need to cling to furniture. Photo: Zvezdanews

result of intravenous treatment

According to the most recent publications, the pictures were taken with a clear mark of intravenous treatment on the back of his hand. simultaneously, Vladimir Putin He held meetings with military experts and arms manufacturers, who were amused by his strange state of mind. Danish defense officials believed that Russia had come close to winning the war in the first two weeks of the war, but that its decisions Putin They got in the way of victory. On the other hand, the head of special intelligence confirms that the president intervened directly and personally to cancel his generals. This meant that his military forces did not know what to do. Similarly, Telegram channel General SVR, which claims to be an internal source Kremlin, said the doctors Putin recently seen a “significant deterioration in his health” and they recommended that he turn away from appearances “Rest”.

“In December, following medical recommendations, the President canceled several traditional events and several visits,” the channel alleged. Putin “tires quickly, suffers from frequent bouts of dizziness and headaches, and also suffers from clouded consciousness,” it added. “The stress of his unsuccessful war in Ukraine is also taking its toll on him. Constant nervous tension and immersion in problems at the front created a negative environment for his illnesses.”

By the end of the year, they canceled their most important shows

December was an extremely important month in the life of the Russian president, as the most important events in the country were just around the corner and he decided to cancel it along with other meetings at the last minute. These include the withdrawal of the presidential visit to Pskov on December 28, 2022, in which it was attributed “adverse flight conditions”, Despite the weather forecast suggesting clear skies. it was also told Vladimir Putin archived a visit to the largest tank plant in Russia, located in Nizhny Tagil in the Ural Mountains, The said visit was also postponed along with the usual year-end meeting with the ministers of his government.

It is also speculated that due to his state of health, he influences the military decisions of his commanders, thus influencing their performance in the war with Ukraine. Photo: AFP

In addition, the President has been known to decline to proceed with his traditional December press conference, in which the President typically speaks for four hours and answers questions from reporters and the audience, and even Even cancel your favorite ice hockey game. The year. Indeed, speculation about the health of Putin increased because he ordered troops to cross the border ukraine February 24, 2022. He has been unstable during public appearances, including unusual movement with his arms and legs in meetings with other world leaders.

before meeting with Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko Early in the battle his hands were seen to be trembling in a clear sign of Parkinson’s. Other footage shows him gripping the edge of a table tightly as if trying to steady his hand and stop the vibrations. Suspicion has also arisen from his walking due to limping. It should be remembered that a director nominated in 2017 oliver stone found in a documentary Vladimir Putin Had cancer but managed to overcome the disease. Around the same time, New Lines magazine claimed to have obtained a recording of an unnamed Russian oligarch saying that the leader was “Sick with cancer in the blood.”

Added to this, a month ago, a website from check in russian called Proct They said that they have found documents which show that the President travels with a large team of doctors. They included a resuscitation specialist, a violent trauma treatment specialist and a cancer specialist. Vladimir Putin He often disappears from public view without explanation for several days. In 2015, he disappeared for 10 days, which led some to suggest that he had died. Then in 2017, where he was absent for eight days and then two more days during the presidential election campaign. on that occasion, Kremlin the president was forced to accept “Cold”.

Kremlin has consistently denied those reports Putin particularly prone to health problems since the start of the war in Ukraine, and the reality is that there has never been strong evidence what is it about Seriously ill.

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