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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Vladimir Putin’s $ 100 billion secret palace, why blogger is in danger of death because of it

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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and his government critic Alexei Navalini have returned to the country last week. Navalini has been arrested as soon as she returns to the country. Navalini is the same person who accused the Putin government of poisoning him in August 2020. However, every allegation from Putin was dismissed. Navalini has claimed that President Putin is living in a billion-dollar secret palace that has a strip club, a casino and a theater, plus several rooms equipped with luxurious amenities. The price of this palace was given by Navalini one billion dollars.

Castle video on youtube

According to information provided by the Daily Mail, Navalini has all the information about that palace of Putin which is going to be on the southern Black Sea of ​​Russia. 3D pictures of this Putin’s palace have been revealed, according to him, Putin’s palace has an archetype room which includes slot machines and dance space, besides spas and a theater. Apart from this, it also has an underground ice field. Even here there is a large garden of grapes.

According to Navalini, it also has a church and a strip club. The size of the strip club is 39 times the size of the country Monaco. Navalini has published these pictures in her blog and has also posted a two-hour video on YouTube. Two hours after posting it, he was arrested.

From the no fly zone to the checkpoint in the palace

Navalini has written that the walls of the palace are impregnable and have a church, own permit system, a no-fly zone and even a border checkpoint, apart from its port. According to Navalini, this palace inside Russia is just like a different country. Navalini is the face of the opposition of Russia and he has said that the owner of this palace is only Putin.

The palace is worth one billion dollars and has been bought with the help of a corrupt plan that involves Putin’s close. If Navalini is to be believed, these pictures have been leaked to her by a contractor involved in the contractor’s team. Within the first two hours of posting the video of Navalini, 3 million people had seen it. According to Navalini, Putin will live in this palace with his girlfriend former gymnast Alina Kabakova and he is looting money on her. Navailini has said that Kabakova currently controls the government.

Putin got the biggest bond ever!

According to Navalini, information was also given by the Russian media some time ago about the biggest bond in which the people of the estates associated with Putin were involved. The place where this palace is, there is strict security and Russian security forces guard this place every moment. Navailini can be heard saying in the video that this is not a house but an entire country or state.

Navalini was arrested on her return from Germany last week. According to Navalini, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has occupied 7,000 hectares of land, which is around this property. Putin’s property was first reported in the year 2010 on the Black Sea. When Whistleblower businessman Sergei Kolesnikov mentioned this in a letter to the then PM Dmitry Medvedev.


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