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Walking shark learns to walk in childhood

And walking shark recently found out that break all the rules is for existence focus of a study Organized by Florida Atlantic University and colleagues in Australia.

He investigated how walk and swim change in early development Epaulette shark (Hemicillium ocellatum). this little benthic shark (about a meter), who lives in reefsIt moves both in and out of water by moving its body and pushing with its paddle-shaped wings.

is found within the rocks around Great Barrier Reef of South AustraliaEpaulette sharks experience elevated CO2 and short periods of hypoxia (low oxygen), as well as temperature fluctuations as rocks are separated by the outgoing tide,

Surprisingly, this walking shark Is able to avoid complete anoxia (without oxygen) during 2 hour Sin Adverse effect already a very high temperature compared to most other hypoxia-tolerant animals.

Epaulette Shark Capacity move on efficiently among these micro-habitats challenging environmental conditions can directly affect you staying alive And its physiological reactions to climate change.

However, very few studies have examined their kinematics (movements of the body). Those who have, focus only on adult life stage, No study has specifically examined their locomotion during early lifeSo far.

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Since locomotor performance can be important for strong response Epaulette sharks to challenge environmental conditions, FAU researchers in collaboration with James Cook University and Macquarie University in Australia investigate difference between walking and swimming in walking shark newborn and adolescent,

maintain newborn fetal nutrition through an inner yolk sac, resulting in a bulging belly,

In contrast, teenagers are Thin Because they actively hunt for insects, crustaceans and small fish.

during development, bud Begins hoarding by newborn shark Reduce as they become teen, As soon as the yolk ends, the shark begins look for food actively.

Because of the difference in body size, the researchers expected to see Difference In locomotor performance Of these walking sharks.

To test his hypothesis, he examined locomotor kinematics. newborn and adolescent during three ways to walk Aquatic activities they use (slow to moderate walking, brisk walking and swimming) 13 way points Anatomy along the body’s wings, waistband and midline.

He quantified the kinematics axial body (velocity, amplitude and frequency of tail pulsation and body curvature) and axial body bending, wing rotation and tail duty factor and kinematics.

Surprisingly, the results, published in the journal Integrative and Comparative Biology, show that Difference Feather body shape did not change Cinematic Between Sharks Neonatal and adolescent walkers.

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Normal speed, wing rotation, axial force and frequency and amplitude of tail beat they were compatible between the first stages of life.

the figures show that Locomotive kinematics are maintained between newborn and juvenile epaulette sharks, even when change your eating strategy,

These findings suggest that submerged locomotion in newborns unaffected by yolk sac and it affects body shapeSince all aspects of the submerged movement were similar to those of the juveniles.

“study epaulette shark movement allows us to understand potential of this speciesand probably related species, move in and out about the challenging conditions of their habitats,” Marianne E. Porter, lead author and associate professor in FAU’s Department of Biological Sciences, said in a statement.

“In general, these locomotor symptoms are key to survival small benthic mesopredator Avoid aerial and aquatic predators, These symptoms can also be related to their physical performance Held in challenging environmental conditionsincluding people associated with Climate changean important topic for future study”.

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