Walmart is featuring 700 ml Herradura Ultra luxury tequila at a discount


Walmart he became ‘generous’ and gave an incredible discount to Herradura Ultra Tequila of 700 ml, so that you can toast like high-class Christmas.

on Walmart online storeFor a limited time, you can find at a super price one of the best tequilas from Casa Herradura, which it describes as “an incomparable vintage with a very smooth finish.”

Herradura Ultra distillate It is made with one of the best vintages from the brand belonging to Brown-Forman, filtered to eliminate color and improve smoothness.

“Before filtering, a subtle touch of pure agave nectar is added, offering subtle notes of cooked agave, caramel, and honey with toasted almonds and a finish that is more than mild,” details Herradura.

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Being a tequila that is “strong but smooth” and has woody notes with hints of vanilla and caramel, the Ultra Horseshoe It is better to drink it straight, depending on the brand.

To drink this pure agave distillate, you must serve it directly in an old glass—that is, one that is small and short but quite wide, designed for drinks alone.

However, if you prefer a cocktail, Casa Herradura recommends an Ultra Tonic, prepared as follows: Chill a glass with ice and pour 1.5 oz of Herradura Ultra; then, add tonic water and a few drops of green lemon. Finally, mix the ingredients and add the basil and lemon garnish.

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How much does Herradura Ultra tequila cost?

On Walmart, the regular price of a 700-ml bottle of aged distillate with touches of agave syrup from Horseshoe is 954.01 pesos, but for a limited time, it only costs 789 pesos.

Currently, Walmart This is the best option to buy Herradura Ultra tequila, considering that Soriana sells it for 919 pesos, Chedraui for 900, and Bodegas Alianza for 890.