Walmart offers a great price for keeping your things safe with a bureau that opens with just a key

Walmart offers a great price for keeping your things safe with a bureau that opens with just a key

Wal-mart Various home accessories are available, such as a two-door 88-litre minibar and a tempered glass grill, which are on sale.

But that’s not all, it turns out that there is another product in department stores that is perfect for keeping your room or study neat and clean.

we refer to one Beautiful walnut-colored bureau with drawers and safety key, Ideal for keeping your important things or documents in complete safety.

Additionally, this piece of furniture has two compartments, so you can place other items that don’t require that level of privacy or storage.

The color of this piece of furniture matches perfectly with any decor, so you won’t have to worry about the fact that it won’t match what else you have in your home.

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How much do lockable bureaus cost on sale at Walmart?

The product we are referring to in this text is the Playcon brand, which is made of extension slides and laminated and textured boards.

The handles are metal and the part where the key is inserted to open the drawer is hidden, so that it is even more discreet and there is no change in the design.

The price of this item dropped from 2,349 pesos to only 2,047 pesos. it means that Walmart implemented a super discount of 302 pesos.

  • It comes separately, although a tool kit for assembly and instructions with simple steps are included so that it can be structured without major complications.
  • According to the sales store description, the bureau with drawers and safety key was made of board laminated with textured vinyl.
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Its dimensions are 42 cm wide x 40 cm deep and 62 cm high, so it is perfectly suited for any corner.

“Its design, color and finish allow you to use it at home, office, your business,” the website states. wal-mart About this article which also supports maximum weight of 25 kg.

Best of all, free home delivery is available to the Valley of Mexico, so if you order online today, delivery is scheduled for Monday, February 19th.

So now you know, don’t miss this offer and buy The bureau that opens only with a key to keep your things safe, which Walmart has introduced at an exorbitant price.

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