Wanda Nara leaked private chat with her former employee and was blunt: “This topic ends in justice”

In the middle of the scandal they act wanda nar You Carmen Cisneros After condemning the businessman for irregularities in work, the wife of Mauro Icardi He leaked the private conversations that his domestic worker had and was coerced into his release.

“To end with so much bullshit and to put so much pressure on this woman and her entire crew, who apparently love ‘Two Seconds’ fame, Here I’m Going To Document The Woman Who Was Never According To Her ‘Friends’Which I processed myself and paid for each of the said documents,” Wanda said. Instagram Stories,

,Also clarifying that I have processed an Italian document to be legally in Europe, I had already stopped talking too much to him, now let’s talk about the truth. I leave you the Italian documents,” he added, capturing Carmen’s passport.

“Here I am going to keep the documents of the woman which according to her ‘friends’ she never had, which I myself processed and paid for every expense of the said documents.”

“He also said that I took her passport when the woman was in Italy and I was in another part of the world.on 4 august i asked him to send a photo to get the ticket”, he said, noting rumors that Cisnero did not have personal documents.

,The concept ‘nanny’ doesn’t add up when the kids have lived in Paris for years and the woman lives in Italy, Anyone who knows me and my kids knows that I demand a lot when it comes to taking care of them. He accused her of always being alone, in need of help and not having a family. That’s what appears in my daily audio justice where I ask him how he is Her audios are also recorded where she always responds with joy and gratitude.Living in a house she loved and working surrounded by people (witnesses in the case) and animals she claimed to love,” she continued.

“Your audio consists of being where you can always be happy and grateful, living in the home you loved and surrounded by working people (witnesses in the case) and animals you claimed to love. “

Regarding the benefits of his former employee, he commented: “I always paid my rent in Argentina by bank transfer, he received his salary, And also he had a Visa credit card where all his expenses which were not part of his salary are detailed,

“The pain she’s going to feel at some point is so great that I hope everyone around her doesn’t disappear. But the issue ends in justice.”

And she set off, clearly angrily: “It sounds indecent to mention gifts, but if at Christmas I opened an LV, the lady had it too. The pain she will feel at some point is so great that hopefully everyone around her doesn’t disappear, But the issue ends in justice. Wanda”.

Photos: Captures of Instagram Stories


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