War in Ukraine, last minute

War in Ukraine, last minute

Supporters of not providing more financing to Ukraine are growing among the member countries of the European Union and the US Republicans.

The US ambassador to Ukraine said Ukrainian pilots are training in Arizona on F-16 fighter jets, a key item on Kiev’s wish list to get the weapons it needs in its war against Russia.

The US approved the shipment of F-16 fighter jets from Holland and Denmark to Ukraine in August, when pilot training was completed.

The newly elected speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, said that the financing of $106 billion to aid Israel and Ukraine and to strengthen surveillance of the US-Mexico border, it should be managed separately, suggesting that will not support the aid package for both countries like the American president, Democrat Joe Biden.

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Johnson discusses the financing of Ukraine: “We want to know what is the purpose, what is the purpose of Ukraine.”

Biden is betting that including funds for Israel and immigration will help convince House Republicans, who are reluctant to send more funding to Ukraine, to support the measure.

Hungary and Slovakia have also criticized more aid to Ukraine as the EU fights over the budget.

Ukraine launched a counteroffensive in the 20-month war in June and has recaptured several cities in the eastern and southern theaters, but at a slower pace than the rapid advance in the occupied north. east of Ukraine one year.

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The country continues to be subject to missile and drone attacks that attack infrastructure, including the power generation network, as well as other targets.