War in Ukraine: now Russian and Wagner mercenaries are at war

War in Ukraine: now Russian and Wagner mercenaries are at war

For Vladimir Putin, the Ukraine war is anything but going as planned. Due to the spoils of war, the Russian aggressor is now fighting on his own.


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  • According to media reports, the Russian army and Wagner mercenaries are fighting among themselves.
  • The conflict within their own ranks revolves around the spoils of war.
  • It is now said that soldiers were also sent to suppress the rebellion.

Is Russia’s military discipline about to collapse in the Ukraine war? At least according to the latest reports of War Zone.

To invade Ukraine as quickly as possible, the Russian president relied on the Wagner group. The extreme right-wing private military unit supports the Russian military in the Ukraine war and does the dirty work.

But now it seems that mercenaries could become a real problem for Vladimir Putin. According to a report in the British “Express”, the armed forces are currently fighting among themselves. A “bloody firefight” is said to have occurred between the two groups.

Reason for escalation: A heated dispute over the distribution of war spoils. To defuse the situation, the Military Intelligence Service (GRU) has already sent a high-ranking officer to the scene.

Russia has not yet confirmed the incident in the Ukraine war

The alleged incident was confirmed by the War Updates Twitter account “Warmonitor”: “The Russian Spetsnaz are said to have engaged in a bloody firefight with an elite Wagner unit. The incident reportedly took place on the eastern border in the Donbass region. But it was again about the spoils of war.”

A specialist in Russian airborne troops and special forces also reported the same matter on Twitter. “There was an armed conflict in which one brigade took the side of the PMC against another brigade.”

Do you think the Ukraine war will end soon?

It also states that soldiers of the 22nd Spetsnaz Brigade were sent to suppress a rebellion. Wagner included both mercenaries and soldiers of the 10th Spetsnaz Brigade. Russia has yet to publicly confirm the alleged incident.

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