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War in Ukraine: US sends 150 new nuclear bombs to Europe

As things stand, it was inevitable that the United States would decide to forecast at least four months shipping 150 B61 type tactical nuclear bombOf power restricted to NATO’s European partners, the Western Military Alliance.

purpose is renew existing stock For the latest version, B61-12 Which will be distributed in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Turkey and Italy, which according to local press verification can have between 70 and 100 copies.

the russians 2,000 copies of tactical bombs, Theater, which is much less powerful than tactical nuclear weapons.

An American fighter tested with the B61-12 bomb. Photo: Collection

Experts believe that a doomsday war with the highest level of nuclear engines, won’t fight Because of the war in Ukraine. But instead you are more likely to use the so called theater atomic bomb Because of its very limited effects.

It should be remembered that a simulation in the United States showed that if a bomb of type B61 is calibrated to its maximum capacity, which is equal to half the explosion in Hiroshima in 1945, Explosion in Midtown ManhattanIn New York, will kill half a million people.

Pentagon officials say replacement of tactical nuclear equipment is necessary Modernizing the Arsenal and Ensuring Security Aviation nuclear weapons, so called because they are associated with fighter jets and bombers carrying them to predetermined targets.

Bombs Are Loaded Onto Fighter Planes And Bombers.  Photo: Collection

Bombs are loaded onto fighter planes and bombers. Photo: Collection

It was the threat from Russian leader Vladimir Putin that shook the nuclear hornet’s nest. Actually B61 nuclear bombs are in service since 1968, The best results, although it was never necessary to use their lethal services, were given by the model. B61-7 and B61-11who are in service.

The B61-12 version began to be developed a decade ago and the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security gave definitive approval to the project in 2018. It was put into service on North American fighter aircraft.

it is improving dramatically target system Assisted by radar in the Nortrop B-2 bomber, a strategic and versatile aircraft consisting of the so-called “Low Visibility Stealth Technology”.

The United States B2 Stealth Or Stealth Bomber Drops A Tactical Nuclear Bomb.  Photo: Collection

The United States B2 stealth or stealth bomber drops a tactical nuclear bomb. Photo: Collection
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new and improvedI

New and improved, adds B61-12 pump new levels of accuracy on target and can carry a variety of attack systems, such as surface detonation or bunker destruction options.

Hans Christensen, director of the Federation of American Scientists’ Nuclear Information Project, indicated that “the main advantage of the B61-12 is that it combines the capabilities of a gravity bomb into a single device. against all scenarios of purposes”.

The B61 12 Was Put Into Service With North American Fighter Jets In 2018.  Photo: Collection

The B61 12 was put into service with North American fighter jets in 2018. Photo: Collection

After three trials in 2015, it started production five years later. Earlier this year, the first copies, baptism AUR, a designation given to a fully assembled artifact, were delivered to the military compound.

The B61-12 is integrated with the B-2 bomber, an airplane that can safely use advanced communications equipment such as this bomb.

It would be useful, they indicate at the Pentagon, “if a multi-pronged or large-scale nuclear attack is necessary” on B-2 bombers or older models. B-52S . likeFlying Fort.

The B-52S Bomber, America'S Flying Fortress.  Photo: Afp

The B-52S Bomber, America’s Flying Fortress. Photo: AFP

The US Air Force wants to integrate the B62-12 with other bombers, fighters, and even drones such as the F-35 Lightning II. Thanks to its perfect sighting systems, confirmed during testing, experts prefer the F-35 as the ideal aircraft to fire this ammunition.

Pair F-35 and B61-12 scored 100% efficiency In 31 tests launched.

In Italy, they await the early arrival of new units of the B61 atomic bomb at the Ghedi and Aviano bases, where North American strategic bombers and F-35 jets are located.

The Pairing Of The F-35 And B61-12 Achieved 100% Launch Efficiency In 31 Tests.  Photo: Afp

The pairing of the F-35 and B61-12 achieved 100% launch efficiency in 31 tests. Photo: AFP

secret base?

In the NATO environment, an absolute hermeticism is maintained which leaves unanswered those who believe that there are other grounds, SecretWhere they work Whirlwind and F-35 fighter aircraft. This explains the estimates for sixty to a hundred B61-12s on all Italian bases.

As always, the greatest focus is on the activities of Aveeno Base, the main one where North American fighters operate exclusively, carrying B61s for tactical and strategic use.

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Pumps can be regulated already in flight through highly sophisticated systems To make them differ in bursting power.

A Nato Aircraft At Aviano Base In Italy.  Photo: Ap

A NATO aircraft at Aviano base in Italy. Photo: Associated Press

Tactical nuclear bombs are considered less dangerous because of their low potential. President Joe Biden called him “a bad idea” that can lead them to use it more easily Compared to strategic nuclear weapons, war heroes without winners and a certain loser, mankind, can be completely destroyed.

a possible scenario

A nuclear conflict with strategic bombs between the United States and Russia can be stopped. Pentagon experts dropped a nuclear device in response to a similar Russian explosion. There may be B61-12 in Russia, probably in a populated area.

Objective: The explosion would be a way to signal to Moscow that “This is serious And things are spiraling out of control.”

B61 Nuclear Bomb, Version 12. Photo: Collection

B61 nuclear bomb, version 12. Photo: Collection

a thousand times more powerful than Hiroshima

Military experts believe that the nuclear weapons of the Cold War made the A-bomb that destroyed Hiroshima smaller. America’s biggest test explosion was a thousand times more powerful, One in Moscow reached three thousand times more.

That’s why tactical nuclear bombs seem less scary and more feasible.

The Russian military has long practiced the transition from conventional to nuclear warfare, especially as an advantage after being defeated. Ulrich Kuhn of the University of Hamburg said that “The war is not going well for the Russians” And there is increasing pressure from the West.”


“It sounds terrible to talk about these things, but we have to consider it” becoming a possibility”, said Professor Kuhn.

In Washington they observe that, although last week he said he did not believe there would be a nuclear confrontation after making threats a dozen times, Putin can spoil the mood With the new “nuclear mobilization”.

B61-12 Nuclear Bomb.  Photo: Us Air Force Video Capture

B61-12 nuclear bomb. Photo: US Air Force Video Capture

Retired Air Force General James Clapper, the former US director of national intelligence, recalled that “Moscow limited its nuclear use after the Cold War.” But “today Russia considers nuclear weapons” utilitarian rather than unimaginative,

Rome, correspondent

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