Warning from Nicaragua: “We are already in a world war”

Warning from Nicaragua:

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega believes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is “a world war” where NATO and the United States are trying to defeat Moscow.

In a speech marking the 44th anniversary of the founding of the Nicaraguan Army Air Force, held in Managua, Ortega said that “we are now facing a war of a global nature, where NATO, the states led by the United States, the Russian bent on defeating the Sangh.

Ortega, who is an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, believes that the conflict is “not a war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, it is a war between the imperialists of the lands led by NATO by the United States, themselves on the planet.” Destroy the Russian Federation, with the aim of establishing itself as the master of.

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Peace is the only option

The President of Nicaragua believes that there is no other alternative to peace in the context of this conflict and believes that NATO should withdraw and let Russia and Ukraine “agree to achieve peace.” He also believed that “it is undermining the economy and social stability in those same European countries and the United States.”

During his speech, Daniel Ortega addressed the people of the world, urging them to defend the peace, saying that “this war that the imperialists of the earth are waging must stop once and for all.” He also sent them a notice saying that “Either we all coexist on this planet, on Earth, or no one survives.”

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Ortega was quick to remind that during the Nicaraguan Civil War in the 1980s, he “lost thousands of Nicaraguan brothers.” “More than 50,000 victims, thousands of them were left without arms, without legs, blind, mutilated. And how many brothers are there from the Air Force”, he lamented.


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