WATCH: Ahmaud Arbury Murder Trial Continues – Day 6

BRANSWICK, Georgia (AP) – The trial of three white men accused of the murder of Ahmaud Arbury is expected to continue on Friday.

The event will begin at 9 am ET. See the player test above.

A jury in court viewed video from a security camera on Thursday that showed other people entering a home under construction months before the 25-year-old black man was chased and shot to death after he fled the scene.

They saw two white boys with bicycles enter the open garage to steal the plywood. They watched a clip in which a white man and woman enter a house at night, a man holding a small bag in his hand.

And the jury saw Arbury himself wander between the exposed beams of the house and along the boat dock in the backyard five times between October 25, 2019 and February 23, 2020 – the last time just minutes before he was shot on the street on Sunday. , noon.

Greg McMichael, 65, and his son Travis McMichael, 35, armed themselves and chased Arbury in a pickup truck after he ran past their yard, five doors from an unfinished house with no doors or windows. A neighbor, 52-year-old William “Roddy” Brian, joined the chase and recorded a video on his mobile phone of Travis McMichael shooting Arbury three times at close range.

Three men stand trial on murder and other charges at the Glynn County Courthouse in coastal Georgia, where Arbury’s assassination has fueled a national outcry over racial injustice. McMichael told police that they suspected Arbury was a robber, and Travis McMichael shot him in self-defense after Arbury pounded him.

Prosecutors say there is no evidence that Arbury committed crimes in the men’s area to justify armed prosecution.

On Thursday, a jury heard a pre-recorded testimony from Larry English, who installed security cameras in a house he was building on Mc Michaels Street. English said he put cameras behind the house after learning that the children were playing in his dock. He added more inside and out when he found the fishing tackle and refrigerator missing from the boat in the house’s large garage.

“Was it common for you as a general contractor to come and go from the construction site?” Attorney Paul Camarillo asked English, who agreed to be interrogated under oath by lawyers on September 24.

“Often during the daytime,” said English, noting that neighbors and even other contractors often want to see houses under construction inside.

He said the two boys took plywood from the site, but he didn’t mind because they took the cuttings and used them to build a bike ramp.

A jury watched a video of English’s testimony after his lawyer objected to him personally appearing as a witness, saying he had a disease that would put him at serious risk if he contracted COVID-19.

The trial began November 5 after more than two weeks of jury selection. The litigation is expected to continue until at least next week.

English was building his retirement home near the port city of Brunswick, about 90 miles (145 km) from his current home in rural Coffee County. The security system he installed alerted his mobile phone and showed him a video whenever movement triggered the cameras.

Arbury first appears on October 25, 2019, walking along the boat dock. He has nothing in his hands and appears to be ignoring English’s toolbox and boat. However, the English called 911.

“I have an intruder there,” English said in an audio recording of the 911 service, which was broadcast in court. He said the intruder was a black man with curly hair. “He has a tattoo on both arms. He robs around.

English told Camarillo that the man had left by the time the police arrived. He said he hoped that “maybe they would find him and talk to him, tell him not to be there anymore.”

Arbury reappeared on the grounds of English’s home on November 18, 2019, the night after a white man and woman entered the garage. The Englishman called 911 both nights.

On the night of December 17, 2019, Arbury can be seen, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, exiting the building and then running down the road. He appeared on camera two more times, on the night of February 11, 2020, and then for the last time, 12 days later, in the afternoon when he was killed.

The death chase began after Arbury ran away from home while another neighbor across the street was on the phone with the police.

“Was anything taken from the structure itself, from the construction site?” Camarillo asked.

“I don’t know,” said English.

English also told the attorney that he barely knew McMichel and had never met Brian. He testified that he never asked any of them to look after his property.

Robert Rubin, Travis McMichael’s attorney, insisted that English was concerned that Arbury continued to enter his unfinished home at night.

“You don’t know what this guy is doing next door, right? You will not recognize him. You don’t know why he is in a dark house at night, ”Rubin said. He added, “It’s not good when this guy is hiding nearby.”

English agreed that he wanted Arbury to stop entering his house, but insisted that that was all.

– You did not wish him harm? asked the prosecutor Camarillo.

English replied: “No.”


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