WATCH: Cameras Capture Calder Fire, Help Report New

WATCH: Cameras Capture Calder Fire, Help Report New

A network of cameras is helping to deal with fires spreading to the west, including the Caldor Fire, as well as helping to report new blazes.

alertforest fire

alertforest fire Provides a bird’s eye view of the explosive Caldor Fire and helps firefighters with information for prevention and evacuation.

The system – a project of the University of Nevada, Reno, UC San Diego and the University of Oregon – has recently assisted more than 1,500 fires, including the LNU, SCU, CZU, August and Kinkade fires.

Many cameras are installed on existing infrastructure related to wireless Internet service providers, state and county services, and other communications infrastructure. Locally, cameras are installed in the North, South and East Bay. At present, there is a fire warning for the hills of the East Bay and areas of the North Bay from 11 pm on Tuesday and till 3 pm on Wednesday.