Watch from UP at Theater Works here. news

Watch from UP at Theater Works here. news

To tackle the vibrant realities of a world tainted by global warming and the effects family has had on our experiences, The View From Up Here explores and raises questions about the tapestry of our Australian zeitgeist. Five years in the making, this premiere theatrical experience explores how we can find hope in one another, to face tomorrow together.

After a catastrophic fire season, Eva and Lily have returned to the farm. The family home has burned to ashes, the fences have melted, neighbors have fled and the animals have died. Maggie, the matriarch, is living in a caravan on the black earth where the house once stood, caring for her new vegetable garden and refusing to give up her land. Traumatic family histories emerge that force questions and conflicts to surface.

How much can this family ask for each other among the ashes?

Director Jool-Ian Dibley-Hall Explanation:

Fiona Spitzkowski creates a drama that is incredibly personal, honest, raw, and dynamic, about a family standing on the edge of many disasters, trying to find a way to survive.

There are no easy answers in this drama, but a really strong attempt to tackle the many challenges we all face in these extremely challenging times. This conversation seems increasingly important and valuable after the bushfires of 2019/20 and the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bringing audiences straight into the action as they play round the clock, The View From Up Here is a compelling premiere Australian production showcasing significant new practices by Sustainable Theaters Australia, founded in 2019. Production is designed with sustainability in mind. The core, a major factor in informing and shaping the process of creating and submitting work.

Written by Fiona Spitzkowski and directed by Julian Dibli-Hall, The View From Up Here also stars much-acclaimed actors John Mark DeSangano, Brigitte Gallacher, Chanella McCree and Emily Tomlins and is expected to be a real highlight in the 2022 Victorian arts calendar.

Production is proudly supported by Creative Victoria and the City of Port Phillip

Written and Produced by Fiona Spitzkowski – Directed by Julian Dibli-Hall – Presented by John Mark DeSangano, Brigitte Gallacher, Chanella McCree and Emily Tomlins – Production Design by James Lew and Claudia Mirabello – Lighting Design by Jason Crick – Sound Design and Composition by Jess Keefe – Assistant Director: Harriet Wallace-Mead – DramaTurgy by Liv Satchel – Sustainability Consultant: Christian Taylor – Produced by Hot Mess Productions.