WBC president says Kinahan made an ‘innocent mistake’

MEXICO CITY, Mexico ( Associated Press) – The president of the World Boxing Council has admitted to having made an “innocent mistake” by meeting with a promoter who confronts an Irish organized crime gang that has been targeted with sanctions by the US government. has been done.

Mauricio Suleiman attended a boxing event in Dubai last month and was pictured with Daniel Kinahan, one of the gang’s leaders, for which there was a $5 million bounty. was presented by the US Treasury Department for information that would lead to its destruction or arrest and conviction.

“We have never had a relationship with Daniel Kinahan,” Suleiman said in a statement released on Monday, nearly a week after the US sanctions were announced.

“I have made an innocent mistake, being completely ignorant of the situation,” Suleiman said. “As such, I confirm that the World Boxing Council and all its members completely reject any action that is harmful to human beings and that we, as always, fully comply with the laws of all countries of the world. Will stay.”

In his statement, Suleiman outlined “a large number of social responsibility campaigns” carried out by WBC, which focused on prevention and awareness of the dangers of drug use.

Irish police urged boxing and all sports to break ties with Kinnahan’s crime gang, which the US Treasury Office operates in Ireland, also established in the UK, Spain and the United Arab Emirates, and called its operations a “significant international deal”. criminal organization”. ,

The High Court in Dublin has previously named Kinahan as a senior figure in organized crime, involved in international drug trafficking operations and firearms crimes.

Kinahan is pictured with World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury.


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