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“We are not a brand that sells products and then leaves”: Interview with Samsung Peru President Carlos Jung

Samsung is the company with the largest presence in the Peruvian technology market, covering a large portion of the commercial offering in the White line, Executive line, Smartphone, entertainment and other lifestyle. What is interesting Logistics on the back of each product as they arrive in the country soon after being announced globally. As part of the presentation of the new folding line in New York, NIUSGEK spoke with Charles Jung, President of Samsung Peru.

Samsung and the Choice of Peruvians

for global brands like samsungEvery market is a challenge. Legislation, business priorities and segmentation specifications are elements of continuous analysis, and in this process lies the success of the brand.

“All people have the same habits, even if we have different faces”, The executive comments. “The aim is the same: a little adaptation to the rhythm and process. I think that’s the difference. Plus, we want to bring a better service and product to Peruvians. That’s it”.

However, Samsung wants to establish itself not only as a “selling brand”, but also as a “brand that cares”. In recent years, service centers have expanded their communication offerings in Quechua, adding sign language for people with hearing disabilities or multiplatform support. Samsung’s value proposition falls not only on sales, but on service as well.

“We are always on the lookout for what type of product will be better, but as part of the service we can also offer products that we can care about. Many people believe that service is only works when a product fails and it recovers, but we are also when you buy a huge product that is difficult to install. Our technicians go to your home and everything is safe and installed That’s how we get closer to the minds of Peruvians”, Rust is mentioned.

“We want to live 200 years in Peru”

It cannot be denied that Peru has become a lucrative market for technology brands, which have increased their presence in various sectors, leading to a large commercial network. Faced with this, the president of Samsung argues about the company’s long-term objective:

“The most important key to Samsung Electronics is that we develop not only a final product, but also components such as semiconductors and materials. We lead the global technology, and those components give us the white line, the brown line and others. We want to create a multi-device experience for the consumer, we want to deliver a immersive experience of products, such as folding phones, 8K TVs and even refrigerator screens.”

Furthermore, the recent announcement of local incorporation of “bespoke” has generated more appeal. The possibility that we have to customize the color of our appliances in the kitchen, living room or our office is already available in Peru for a few weeks.

“We have always wanted to be inside the country. It’s not like a brand that only sells produce and leaves, we want to be a part of Peru for 100 or 200 years. We want to be with customers, business partners, watching trends, what Peruvians are looking for. With this analysis and the collaboration of businesses, we see what types of products would be best for Peruvians”. Jung explains.

a close leader

Carlos Jung has been president of Samsung Peru since January 2021, but his relationship with the South Korean firm began in 1998. He speaks fluent Spanish, having lived in Spain during his childhood, but has been able to navigate globally diverse markets. During the interaction it is noted that he is a person with a broad outlook on the brand’s objectives and his commitment to the country.

“When I entered, the trading volume was very low. I was dedicated to export to Europe and Africa. We didn’t have the level that we have, in which we lead the technology of semiconductors, 5G, cell phones”Rust is mentioned. “I had to work in Mexico, in Sao Paulo and Ecuador.”

new online sales channel

Despite the company’s moment, Samsung doesn’t rest. Following the success of its various lines, the brand aspires to transform the way the customer relates to its products through a unified portal designed for better user experience.

“We used to have an online site, but it was similar to other brands. Wanting to give more benefits to Peruvian consumers, we try to convert to a more user-friendly platform that makes it easier to navigate, buy and find product information. be easySamsung adds Peru president. “It’s not just making sales, but installation and support services, free shipping under certain conditions, months without interest in some cases, or bringing other forms of payment closer to consumers.”

This new dynamic will allow Samsung’s offers to reach more people and, in addition, provide bundled or seasonal promotions. “It’s like the ‘bespoke’ concept, where the user determines what they want. That proposition will soon change, to mid-August, very close to the launch date of the folding phone.

Logistics is important to him. For Jung, the theme is ‘not a trick’, but “Strength of the company. With countries and acceptance of different regulations or products to launch globally, we hope to work quickly on the types of options or models and launch on the same day. That is the main objective. Internally. We prepare for the launch with our engineers, but it’s not easy.

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