We believe that Red Bull can be completely defeated


Aston Martin Presented new this Monday amr24 The car with which they hope to improve and get closer to last season’s results red Bull. dan follows The technical director, talks about a car “with infinite possibilities for improvement.”

,I would say the AMR24 is a great evolution of last year’s car And it looks quite different, with many new parts that give us a solid development platform. The chassis design is new, as are the nose, front spoiler, front suspension and rear suspension. We want to compete in the evolution race this season and this car is designed for that“, he analyzed in the statement made by Aston Martin.

Despite finishing fifth in the Constructors’ Championship last season, the Silverstone factory are aiming high, they want Break Red Bull’s dominance And causes the Austrian brand to go through a more turbulent season than last season. ,We focus on them (Red Bull). AMR24 has immense potential for improvement” The followers confessed.

We focus on them (Red Bull) and that’s our goal

Dan Fallows, Aston Martin F1 Technical Director

,We believe Red Bull is absolutely beatable, This is what we are looking for. We focus on them and that’s our goal“, admitted the technical director in statements reported by ‘The Race’. “We talk about Red Bull because, obviously, they are the reference in terms of performance. For us, the fastest car is the most important thing, and that’s what we’re looking for,” says the Aston Martin engineer.

We have to build a car that is capable of working on any circuit and is competitive. That’s really what we’re focused on.

dan follows

The technical director admits that the team is “very interested in finding Lap time from small details More detailed elements of the floor and other parts of the car, but there is still time ahead. We have to build a car that is capable of going on any circuit and being competitive., And that’s really what we’re focusing on, making a car that’s usable, that’s good for drivers, that’s what we’re really trying to focus on,” he confessed.

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Lance Stroll, optimistic about the new AMR24

The mentality of everyone at Aston Martin is to win. The project started by Lawrence Stroll made a significant progress last season when the team achieved eight podiums and finished fifth in the Constructors’ World Championship, making an excellent improvement on the previous year’s result when the team finished ninth. “Lance for a walk” Aston Martin’s main goal in 2025 is to remain a strong team” And with humor he confessed in the press conference, at which MARCA was present, to being able to beat Red Bull “by building a faster car than them”.

,I don’t think our goal is to beat Red Bull, but to become a stronger team. Be as strong as possible. That’s what we focus on. I am very excited about this new car in 2024. Last year we already had a nice car; Very strong at first and then with some fluctuations. I hope that this year, in which we have worked so hard at the factory to improve what we built last year, will be even better. The season is long and we want to progress from the first race to the 24th race.“, confessed the Canadian who has already ridden the AMR24 on Aston Martin’s ‘filming day’.

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