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We bust 13 fitness myths and truths you’ll never be told at the gym

Do Carbohydrates Make You Fat? Will I get flatulence if I drink water while training? Do I have to sweat to lose weight?

Business woman, actress, ‘coach’ and film expert, as well as a personal trainer, Marta Rosado is the creator of The Individual Method, a system that adapts to each individual’s needs “whether you train in one day or six weeks.” If you want to know how the body works from the inside, you have to feel how the muscles work. There’s no use doing 20 squats if you do them wrong.”

He says his method is based on experience. “We don’t have one methodology, we work on several of them, taking the best of each one.” She’s proud of the transformation of her clients’ bodies, which include a slew of celebrities (“I never say names”) and says that in a month, with her method, “you can go from half an hour to three days of training.” Let’s see the results. Week “. Of course, this demands a commitment that few are prepared to make. “I’ve sent unmotivated people straight to plastic surgeons. I’m not fooling anyone.”

13 myths of ‘fitness’

  1. Aerobic exercise slims you down and weights make you stretch. “We are fortunate that more and more studies are confirming that resistance training (weights, rubber bands, isometrics, Trx, body weight…) is more effective than aerobic exercise. Toned muscles increase basal metabolism. Increases, that is, the energy that we spend when we rest. And there is even more: your muscles will continue to work 24 hours a day. That’s why in my gym, personal, the base is strength.
  2. Sugar water provides relief from muscle pain. “Delayed onset muscle soreness (soreness) appears when we exercise after a long period of non-exercise. It appears the next day and can last for several days. Recent studies showed It is believed that this acid is not a product of lactic acid, but is caused by microscopic tears that occur in the joints between muscles and tendons during strong movements that we are not used to. For this reason, drinking water with sugar Not useful. On the other hand, if the pain has already occurred, it is better to repeat the same exercise that caused it, but at a lower intensity, than to perform a different one”.
  3. ‘Carbohydrates make you fat’. Wrong. “What makes us fat is an excess of total calories. These include carbohydrates, proteins, fats and alcoholic beverages. The main source of calories is fat, which provides 9 kilocalories per gram, while carbohydrates provide 4 kilocalories per gram. . The body conserves calories.” From fat, while the calories contained in carbohydrates are more easily burned or oxidized, as they are a direct fuel for the muscles. The best natural source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, the empty calories from alcohol quickly accumulate in our body, leading to the accumulation of lipids (fats).
  4. ‘The more fat we eat, the more fat we store in the body.’ “Body weight gain is essentially based on taking in more calories than we expend. For this reason, we should not count grams of fat, but the number of daily calories (and we should keep in mind that any excess calories will be stored in the body) form of lipids (fat). That is why it is not only excess fat that stores fat, but also excess calories. Only if a person consumes 2,000 per day to maintain his weight If calories are required, he consumes 1,600 kilocalories, will he be able to reduce your body weight.
  5. This caloric deficit should continue as long as the ideal weight is maintained. To lose body fat, it is essential to create a sustained calorie deficit over time. However, it has been proven that overweight people will be able to lose weight by eliminating high-fat foods, because they consume fewer calories that way.”
  6. The practice of exercise creates addiction. “More truth than lie. Our brain compensates for exercise and effort by releasing endorphins, which is why we feel an incredible sense of well-being. Any activity we associate with pleasure causes us to become addicted.” There is a mechanism for creating satiety and fatigue in the body. The reality is that in the end we always want more. If our body gets used to the dose of something, we always need to increase the dose to get better results. It has to be changed or improved. It is much easier when a professional helps us on the way to change. Who will always know how to improve and make you surpass yourself in your goal”.
  7. The more I sweat, the more I lose weight. I’m sorry to inform you that the weight lost through sweating is basically water and is recovered as soon as we re-hydrate. What we want to lose when we lose weight is adipose tissue. Therefore, the desire to lose weight by sweating is not the most appropriate. Complementing this with strength work is the best and much more sustainable option. The result is that you have subjected your body to excessive exertion and pushed your physical potential to the limit without getting anything in return. Furthermore, sweating affects your proper hydration status and puts your health at risk.
  8. ‘The more exercise, the more weight loss’. depends on. If you do an hour of exercise on a stationary machine such as an elliptical, rowing machine or bicycle, you can burn about 500 or 600 calories. The problem is, if you eat 3 donuts and 4 chocolate croissants after that, you’re going to cover the calories you expended and more. If you do intense training, you will definitely have a greater feeling of hunger, therefore it is very important that when doing moderate exercise, you control yourself and do not eat any kind of food as a reward for the exercise performed. Don’t eat
  9. Do not drink water during exercise to avoid flatulence. “Not drinking water during exercise is a very widespread practice among some athletes to prevent flatulence. It’s a discomfort you’ve surely experienced in the form of cramping, sudden pain or cramping, which usually occurs when When you start to train or compete. Croup produces a large diversion of blood flow. Because the readjustment of blood flow is not immediate, some muscles, such as the muscles of respiration, can use their high energy without adequate blood flow. needs, a painful symptom, flatulence, which causes respiratory distress and sometimes forces us to stop exercising.” What is clear is that drinking alcohol during exercise Shutting down is not a good idea as it has not been shown to prevent flatulence and what is certain is that water is essential for the proper balance and functioning of our body, even more so during physical activity. It is best to drink water frequently and in small sips. Never ‘binge’ as it will spoil your performance.
  10. ‘Improving performance with coffee’. depends on. Excess of everything is bad. Although caffeine excites us, it also dampens reflexes. Consuming caffeine in excess can cause headache, nausea, fast heartbeat and difficulty sleeping. It is true that administered pharmacologically it can help to conserve glycogen stores and for this reason, in very high doses, it is considered a doping substance. Eating a balanced diet recommended by your nutritionist is what you need. Similarly, you should do aerobic and continuous work of moderate intensity. When you reduce the extra fat, you can work on the muscles with the abdominals. This is because when there is fat in the subcutaneous tissue (which gives prominence to the area), doing sit-ups without aerobic work (which breaks down fat) only creates more volume.
  11. “The ratio of fat to muscle increases with age.” True, generally speaking. In fact, it is impossible to determine how much of this increase is due to age and how much is due to a decrease in muscle mass with lack of physical activity. Middle-aged people who stay physically active tend to have leaner, more toned bodies than those who are sedentary, but they still put on a little weight.
  12. ‘After a certain age, it is no longer worth exercising. Wrong. It’s best to start an exercise habit young and not quit, but it’s also best to start now, even if you haven’t done it before. Any regular physical activity you start will be beneficial, although you won’t always see results as quickly as a young person, nor reach the physical state you were in when you were young, exercise is health and it’s important to start early. I am never late. There is no age to start, today can be a special day.
  13. ‘Lifting weights makes a woman’s body look masculine’ Wrong. “Weight lifting helps tone and shape muscles, but we’ll need many hours of exercise and possibly supplements to develop major musculature. So if you’re a woman, don’t worry, lifting weights is beneficial.” and helps in reducing weight and building muscles.

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