Friday, September 29, 2023

We have one last soap opera sprint left

The failed, as well as his investiture, interview that the PP leader requested from the acting president held on August 30, has strange features.

But to take it a step further, he also dared to suggest that the same request would be made to the bad and dangerous lords of the Junts (although he now assures that he is not), added PNV.

To those whose preferred partner VOX announced that if it takes charge it will make the streets of Barcelona ablaze again, that it will make them illegal, or that it will prevent the autonomies of a real attack on our Constitution.

It was as if the man advising him was a powerful enemy determined to fail him.

I don’t think he’s stupid Elias Bendodo or the inappropriately converted Borja Semper that no matter how bad they do, they don’t seem to fight against them.

It seems that the adviser to the PP leader is a bitter enemy who is determined to fail him.

It is useful to remember to have a real map of the situation that is accurate as a result of the debate between the two that he is in Pedro Sánchez During the election campaign, it became known that the Machiavellian Miguel Angel Rodríguez head adviser of Isabel Diaz Fix it has been signed in the last part of the campaign.

In that debate he used lies as a political weapon, maintaining that tactic in the last week of the debate and there are those who claim that this change in strategy caused his failure.

MAR maintains weekly contacts with Steve Bannon ideologue of “Trumpism”, shadow advisor to figures such as Bolsonaro, Melons and all far right movements in Latin America and Europe.

One might think that his work is aimed at disappointing people. Feijoo later roll the red carpet for the arrival of his student Ayuso, who is sufficiently impregnated with the extremist ideology that comes from Trump-Bannon.

In his analysis he has already assumed that Pedro Sánchez will continue to be the president of a coalition government with Sumar and that the need for the support of the peripheral parties, PNV, ERC, Junts, Bildu and BNG, for it to work, cooking him in his own sauce.

Therefore, in 2027, once it burns, it will open the doors of Moncloa to an Ayuso as the great hope of the European extreme right.

The design created by Bannon’s offices will also win in Spain.

In addition to this fundamental element, the right shows that it will not be a problem for them to cross all the red lines that exist, that the end (arriving in Moncloa) justifies the means.

This is shown again by what happened today in Murcia. If we believe that what happened in Extremadura was extraordinary when they tore the arm of their leader there Maria Guardiola now they repeat it again with the one from Murcia, Lopez Miras.

MAR’s work is aimed at creating failure Feijoo to roll out the red carpet for the arrival of his student Ayuso

Unceasingly they broke their iron principle of not allowing VOX to enter their government even at the cost of going to new elections, he was forced from Genoa to give them two councils, one of them with rank of vice-president.

Would you like a cup? Well, a cup and a half.

New episodes of the soap opera “Rubiales” were also produced. TAD’s decision to consider action against it Jenni Hermoso As a serious offense alone it shows the depth of the sexist ideology that eats into sectors of our society like football.

The law of “yes only means yes” is far from them, because according to it it seems obvious that this non-consensual kiss results in sexual assault. Aggression, gentlemen, aggression, because abuse is now a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, the male victim who was the victim of the men’s team, Jenni Hermoso, has filed a complaint of sexual assault against Rubiales.

If the new term of the progressive coalition government is repeated with the two left, there is still a lot of work to be done in this area and the confirmation is the 42 murders we have done this year.

This summer’s analysis should lead us to the conclusion that in any case the drivers of machismo, xenophobia, and denial of climate change (as shown by what happened in the last Dana that affected us and in its confrontation with AEMET). ), or from the national plurality they can access more power, they are many.

Finally, these days the Lehendakari Urcullu one of the few statesmen we have in this country (everyone can say what they want here), launched a very interesting idea for debate.

Through an article published in The country, raised the need for what he called a Constitutional Convention that reinterpreted it. An approach adapted to the 21st century to end the center-environment tensions inherited from the Transition.

Just as the previous legislature was about making social decisions, it should be about resolving territorial conflicts.

At the end of the process that coincided with the summer, it became clear that the battle between the two blocs, the progressives and the left wing that expands their contacts as did in Brussels between DIAZ y Puigdemont and the right wing with a meeting the next day between Feijoo y Abascal.

To try to solve the problems raised by this reflection, to stop the sexist, reactionary and denialist right, it is important and essential that the next government be progressive and left-wing, from PSOE and Sumar with support outside of PNV, Bildu, ERC, Junts and BNG.

Because it is no longer appropriate to divide the confrontation between progressive or conservative forces, but between those who agree with VOX and those who do not. VOX is the point of difference.

So, just as the previous legislature was about making social decisions to stop the deterioration caused by the poorest layers of society due to the Covid pandemic and the economic crisis derived from the war caused by Russia in invasion of Ukraine, it is necessary. to solve the territorial disputes recognizing that Spain is a nation of nations, whose solution for all of us to be comfortable involves a plurinational federal state.

It seems that it will not be difficult to deal with it due to the expected intervention of Puigdemont in his reasonable and possible request for amnesty for what happened in Catalonia in 2017, leaving the most complex issues for later.

Now that the cycling tour of Spain has taken place, we can say that we are no longer in the final sprint. We do not save efforts for victory.

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