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“We must understand that child abuse is a public health problem”

Interview with Dr. Oscar Lazzuri , 26 DIC 22

Cordovan pediatricians confirm that the effects of child abuse are seen in the long term. The first step in preventing a topic from disappearing is to not mute it.

Child and Adolescent Victims (NNyA) Maltese infant syndrome (SMI) hey Injuries Are Not Accidental They have lived with this problem for years, haunted by what they have experienced and fearful of a repetition of events. The memory intrudes repeatedly as a series of harrowing flashbacks that disrupt the “normalcy” of their lives. allostatic charge, modify psychological adaptive mechanisms and search through silence for an adaptive way of subsistence. Its effects are seen in the long term, when they are adults, a time in which they may reproduce the model or become unhappy with their partners or interpersonal relationships.

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Child abuse runs the risk of becoming invisible, as victims avoid communicating the facts that afflict them and remain in a harmful vicious cycle.

Also, it is often seen that violent families try to maintain a “pact of silence” by restricting the movement of children and adolescents, so as not to see the problem.

Violation of social order, such as sexual abuse, is regarded by society as repulsive or shocking; So they are silenced to push them into oblivion or to list them as “taboo” subjects. but the act of natural and silent The problem worsens the situation. In this sense, it should be presented in society, because Not taking action is associated with inaction.

To aid and make visible the Child Abuse Syndrome, a group of enthusiasts gathered in an old building in the 1980s to conduct an intervention on abused children. Holy Trinity Children’s Hospital, Some professionals grouped in the disciplines of social work, psychology, and pediatricians toured the hospitalized rooms, amazed and shocked at the same time in front of each child with physical injuries, interacting with the pediatricians, who completed the study. Kindly attended to find the best way. help them

It was started in 2003 by order of the then hospital management Child and Youth Abuse Committee, With tasks not only advisory but also support, teaching and research. Coordinated by the Bachelor of Social Work alicia zammerbidetwo dedicated psychologists joined all the time (License Maria Soledad Montes why josephine revol) and two dedicated pediatricians Part time (dr, Marcella Ferreira Y Dr. oscar lazzuri) To meet the demand received from the hospital consultations themselves in the emergency, outpatient and hospitalization areas; as well as referrals from municipal and provincial reference centres, or to a lesser extent from private influencers or spontaneous consultations.

The casuistry grew as we progressed in our work: we came to Between 115 and 120 patients per year in our hospital, which gives an average of between 8 and 10 patients per month, although with variation between periods. For example, they increase during school hours, as teachers are our allies in detecting injuries or complaints and they refer children and adolescents to us.

Backed by the concept of child and adolescent violence, the whole team got a new institutional name. asked for three years Interdisciplinary Unit to Address Child Violence (UIAVI), This redeployment did not change the essence or mission of what it worked on; It only allowed the frontline with new qualifications of violence defined by the World Health Organisation.

Like any human group, we too have to overcome challenges. The resignation of the two psychology professionals abandoned the action plan we had been following for years as an interdisciplinary team, which forced us to seek compensatory internal solutions, appeal for flexibility, and continue with existing resources.

What do we do?

• Comprehensive support for all forms of child and youth abuse (physical-sexual-prenatal-emotional-neglect-institutional-associated with technical means).

• Training of professionals from the Institute and other social and health sectors.

• Statistical survey of assisted cases.

• Testimonials in law enforcement agencies.

• Assistance as ex officio experts before summons by prosecutors or pending crime chambers of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Cordoba Capital.

• Telephone or face-to-face consultations with professionals in the field of education and health for a systematic approach to cases.

• Meta-analysis and systematic review of aided cases.

how do we do it?

raised the presumptive or accurate diagnosis of Injuries Are Not Accidental (current name for Child Abuse Syndrome), NN&A is admitted following institutional approach protocols, unless the initial pediatric evaluation determines that there are protective or crystallizing family elements that prevent the child from becoming newly re-admitted. Do not expose to harassment.

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