We tell you how much CFE MiFi costs and how to buy it


New competition has arrived for internet services, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has taken a new step in the utilities it offers to Mexicans, as it will place MiFi wireless devices in sale, so that everyone has access to Broadband mobile internet.

What is MiFi and how does it work?

CFE’s MiFi is a technology that will allow users to create their own personal high-speed Wi-Fi network, because you can take it anywhere.

The equipment will give users the freedom to have access to the Internet on the move, because it does not depend on fixed connections or specific places to connect.

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How much does it cost and how to get MiFi from CFE?

For those interested in buying a CFE MiFi device, the offer of plans and prices is different, and it adapts to the needs of each one.

You can buy your device on its official website, just by selecting the MIFI option. An important point is that it will not be sent to all of Mexico, only to areas with permission from the IFT.

By purchasing this device, with a value of 1,145 pesos, you will receive the equipment and a month of 5 GB to browse the CFE network. You can recharge your MIFI from your home or any place by accessing the recharge section of the CFE TEIT website.

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Below we present the price list, so you can buy the one you want and the one you need for your home or workplace.

MiFi CFE Packages

CFE Mobile Internet 5 GB

  • Monthly plan – 95 pesos.
  • Semester plan – 510 pesos.
  • Annual plan – 1,010 pesos.

CFE Mobile Internet 10 GB

  • Monthly plan – 165 pesos.
  • Semester plan – 915 pesos.
  • Annual plan – 1,770 pesos.

CFE Mobile Internet 20 GB

  • Monthly plan – 265 pesos.
  • Semiannual plan – 1,560 pesos.
  • Annual plan – 3,025 pesos.

CFE Mobile Internet 30 GB

  • Monthly plan – 365 pesos.
  • Semiannual plan – 2,080 pesos.
  • Annual plan – 4,050 pesos.
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CFE Mobile Internet 50 GB

  • Monthly plan – 450 pesos.
  • Semiannual plan – 2,600 pesos.
  • Annual plan – 5,090 pesos.

CFE Mobile Internet 80 GB

  • Monthly plan – 785 pesos.
  • Semester plan – 4,200 pesos.
  • Annual plan – 8,180 pesos.

CFE Mobile Internet 100 GB

  • Monthly plan – 995 pesos.
  • Semiannual plan – 5,300 pesos.
  • Annual plan – 10,290 pesos.