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We tested the Vivo X90 Pro and its job as a professional camera in a powerful ‘smartphone’ with the MediaTek Dimensional 9200

Vivo vivo X90 Pro last Monday in Spain launched its new flagship, the third ‘smartphone’ of the X family that aims to turn professional landscape photography with a triple camera that incorporates the IMX989 thumb sensor and includes power at the top. the highest ranges with a process dimension of 9200.

The Chinese company developed this device to “overcome” some of the most “exact” photographic and videography challenges, as well as to provide the “best” quality technology. For this reason, the Vivo X90 Pro is a “smart phone” that stands out in the top range, and as a result is priced at 1,199 coins.

At first glance, as Europe Press was able to identify, among the most prominent features is its 6.79-inch 3D AMOLED screen with curved edges. This provides a high-quality viewing experience especially when viewing images and playing content such as movies, but also when playing games.

This is thanks to its AMOLED panel that has a resolution of 2,800 x 1,260 pixels and reaches a maximum brightness of 1,300 pixels. In fact, it can reproduce more than a million colors and is HDR10+ certified.

In addition, Vivo has given this screen with an eye on security in mind, introducing various technologies for it. For example, the process itself monitors the percentage of blue light in real time and includes a new Q9 luminous material that effectively reduces blue light.


An important part of the proper design is the curved edges of the screen. But this most famous thing is at the back, with the design of the rising sun.

The camera module is a large circle that the company says is similar to the sun. But this section extends a lot from the device, which every day rests on a flat surface, especially the touch camera. Perhaps the focus on the reveal is scratched or bumpy.

In addition, all this is accompanied by a vegan leather material that aims to evoke the material of professional cameras.

Something else to highlight about its design is the balanced weight between the part with the camera module and the “sfeltphone” in the lower area. Unlike other devices, the Vivo X90 Pro does not make the phone move when held in the hand due to the weight of the camera, but the weight is evenly balanced and distributed throughout the phone.


Following this thread, what captures the most of this ‘smartphone’ is its camera with forms for professional photography that allows great photographic projects through ZEISS Global Imagin.

As for the more technical features, the implementation of the one-inch IMX989 sensor stands out, the largest at the moment. This lens is 50 megapixels (MP) and, among other things, provides clearer and sharper images.

This camera is complete with a 50MP sensor IMX758 portrait lens and a 12MP 108 degree wide-angle IMX663 lens. With the characteristics of this set of cameras at the hardware level, high-quality images can be created, and the Vivo X90 Pro more than meets them.

But it also introduces new lines in “software” with the V2 image processor, focused on graphic performance and which has developed its own artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

It also highlights ZEISS Natural Color 2.0 technology, with which colors represent photographs with “greater authenticity”, so that it is more convenient for photographers to edit these parts later. It also highlights the function of capturing without shutter motion, it is very useful for taking photos in sports even in low light.

In the experiments of the cinematographic photography of the wide range of activities and the popularity of light, it results in high-quality images that bring out vivid colors and show many details.

Likewise, in portraits of people, it achieves extraordinary images with a detailed Bokeh effect that blurs the background and focuses precisely on the subject. In fact, it shows a very fine level of precision and sharpness, so that it does not leave you indifferent when compared to professional photos.

For low-light photos, the Vivo X90 camera does not confuse with night mode. In this way, it achieves a very high sharpness in each object and makes the light and colors very realistic, without adding a brighter tone or changing it to achieve more visibility.

As for the photos taken with the zoom, this “smartphone” achieves a good result by zooming in up to x40. It is consistent, zooming in to the maximum of the photo shows visual noise, yet it reaches large spaces. In addition, detailed and well-lit shots can also be produced.

It also provides good results in the backlight, calibrated colors and trays to avoid burning the image and still receive sharper details.

It is perhaps notable that the processing of images is sometimes carried out artificially, highlighting some colors too much or editing some textures that cause a surprising feeling in the image.


Combat is another feature that undoubtedly stands out the most in this art. This is because it can offer a full charge in 29 minutes with a balanced charging mode, but above all because it supports a fast charge of 120W that manages to charge to 50 percent in eight minutes.

Also, it has 4,870mAh that allows the device to last two whole days without the battery running out and very intensive use, that is, watching series and playing games or feeding pictures and networks, socializing for several hours. that day


The Vivo X90 Pro is powered by a MediaTek Dimensional 9200 processor that achieves an efficient and balanced use of the “smartphone”. In addition, it reaches speeds of 3.05 GHz with which it can quickly respond to any task.

Thanks to the power of MediaTek, foreign interactions are not manifested with laziness or hesitation with any task, but on the contrary, it is very fluid and the actions are actually carried out in an instant. In fact, it allows you to use several apps at the same time without any kind of error, delay or lag.

Something that Vivo has improved in this technique with respect to the predecessor model is that it hardly heats up when charging it or when it has to perform tasks that require high power.


With all this, this “sfeltphone” does not confuse in terms of any of its features and is one of the most powerful models on the market in terms of issues such as camera and battery, two essential aspects for a “sfeltphone”. ‘ the highest end is so.

The only reason to rate it is that the vivo X90 Pro maintains the price of the vivo X80 Pro, which was also released in Spain for 1,199 European coins, something that is not very common in the recent trend in which all prices go up.

This “quick trigger” is designed for all types of users, offering a variety of possibilities. On the one hand, it is possible to take many good pictures without any knowledge of photography, but on the other hand, for those who know it, it offers many tools with which to work directly from this technique. The same can be said for amateur gamers and for those who use mobile as their main tool on a daily basis.

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