We Visit Elementary School No. 65 With Her Healthy Eating Project

Primary School No. 65 “Patagonia Argentina” is located at Balcars Street No. 553 and has an enrollment of 90 male and female students.

We were welcomed by the institution’s director, Karina Gallo, who worked closely with Antonina Guerrera, a 5th grade teacher. Years, he went on tour with us, sharing the project with Guada, Kevin, Alunei, Patricio and Nestor, who along with their teachers very enthusiastically detailed the work to be done institutionally with the whole school.

“This initiative took place at the district fair and now we are going to the regional fair,” said Kareena, expressing her pride in the project, which involves the whole school, “It has to do with the food, a dining room in the school. And it inspired us to think about “Eating Rich Vs Healthy Eating” and the boys of 5th year they played it very well with their miss. The regional fair will take place on 15th September and we will learn everything we learned on the subject. going to present the matter.

The expression is with Molinos Río de la Plata, a company that submitted a proposal to the school, “with whom we work and who also provide us with ingredients through a food guide.”

Similarly, the teacher thanked Clasista and Combative Currant, “They come and help us maintain the garden, they do the hardest work, and the boys maintain it and harvest the vegetables,” she indicated, as well as composting work since they have a community compost bin in the yard for this purpose.

“It’s very interesting because the goal is to find a way for children to eat rich and healthy, to learn and become aware of healthy eating and to replicate this at home,” he elaborated, “With the new pedagogical practices the whole school is in these Works on issues together.. It’s a project that takes time and is all about good habits, eating guidelines that are acquired gradually.”

“Comer Rico vs. Comer Sano”

This is the name of the project presented at the district fair and it will soon compete in the regional option, “We chose that name, because a lot of people say that eating rich is junk food and eating healthy is boring and it is not. We Molinos is working with the Rio de la Plata guide and we use it to cook dishes with the family at home and at school”, Guadalupe shared with his 5th grade classmates.

“In the garden we collect different vegetables and use them in our dining room,” Kevin said, “and we upload the recipes to the school’s social networks,” he said.

“The experience was amazing”, explains Alunei when asked, “With all the students in the room we were looking at the theme of food and we worked in the garden, we had fun and we learned a lot”.

“We also have a mural and a blackboard in the dining room where we write what we’re going to eat that day so that the whole school can be informed and we write down the nutrients in it, that is, the nutritional value,” Nestor Said “We did the murals as part of the work we did with Cecilia, the plastic educator, and have fruits and vegetables”.

It is noteworthy that the boys also met with a health professional licensed in nutrition, with whom they discussed this topic in conversation.

yoga practice

Kevin, on the other hand, pointed out “the importance of physical exercise and rest, something that the World Health Organization says”, in reference to the yoga exercises he performs in the courtyard with teacher Laura Lanfranchi, who in turn is a sixth grade teacher. Is. year.

“Good nutrition and physical exercise contribute to quality of life”, expressed Guada at the end of the journey, “we hope to be able to continue because it is something that we love very much and it does well. Is”.

Because of the smiles and observable harmony of the teachers, we venture that yes, already out of school, they look forward to another project that has the five senses as the protagonist and also includes good healthy habits .

schools in the network

@cocinasaludable5to is instagram profile In which the project is developed and you can see what the boys do. Highly recommended as they upload videos with recipes that they make at home with family or at school or in the dining room. They also keep up with the progress of the garden, offer healthy advice, conduct surveys and have fun.

Let’s follow and join the movement!


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