“We were never in the same car.” Rupert Grint reveals one of the best-kept secrets of filming Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


To film this scene, the film’s director team put the actors in different cars.

The Harry Potter saga always surprises us with something new. Despite the passage of time, there are always stories or anecdotes that we did not know and that blow our minds because we did not realize it before. This time, we have to go back first movie ever For the Philosopher’s Stone, specifically the moment when Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) met on the Hogwarts Express before beginning their journey to the world’s most famous school of witchcraft and wizardry.

That scene is one of the most nostalgic Potter heads because it is First meeting between the three heroes In the saga, special emphasis is placed on the relationship between Harry and Ron, where they talk about chocolate frogs, sweets of all flavors or Ron’s first spell, although it does not go well. The editing of this scene is so good that if I tell you that both the actors did not film that scene in the same car, you will not believe it.

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“We couldn’t see each other”

In an interview Rupert Grint explained this curiosity while filming with Daniel Radcliffe: “There’s a scene in the first movie where we go to Hogwarts by train, and we were eating sweets in the carriage. The truth is that we were never in the same car, “We couldn’t look at each other, so we made our own plans separately.”

Laughing non-stop, small spaces and the maximum working hours that minors have when filming movies or series, are great compelling reasons for this simple decision. The secret has already been revealed, Many fans will no longer be able to see this scene like before And this is not surprising, because the magic was done, and not with a wand, so that everything was fluid and very natural.

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