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Weekend Sale: 16 exciting games are currently reduced on Steam & GOG

Weekend Sale: 16 Exciting Games Are Currently Reduced On Steam &Amp; Gog

What Midweek Madness is for Wednesday, the Weekend Sale is for the weekend: There are numerous offers on Steam and GOG these days. We have selected a total of 16 games for you that are worth mentioning.

And if you’d rather be on the lookout for free games, we’ve got you covered in this article:

There Are 6 Free Games This Weekend


Free on Steam & Epic:

There are 6 free games this weekend

Highlight of the weekend: Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic: One Of The Best Co-Op Games On Steam Gets Even Bigger In Season 2

Weekend Sale: 16 Exciting Games Are Currently Reduced On Steam &Amp; Gog


Deep Rock Galactic: One of the best co-op games on Steam gets even bigger in Season 2

Genre: Ego-Shooter | Developer: Ghost Ship Games | Release: 05/13/2020 | Price: 15 euros (Steam, reduced by 50 percent) | Offer valid until: September 29th

Of course, you’re right: we’ve recommended Deep Rock Galactic quite a few times. Ghost Ship Games’ co-op shooter about space dwarves who are looking for rare raw materials in nested cave systems is also simply a good game. Why exactly, Phil has not only answered that in detail in his column, but also in the podcast what are you playing

Currently there is also a pretty good reason to join Deep Rock Galactic now – and that is in Munich. That’s where the Oktoberfest starts today and dwarves don’t need to be told twice, even in space. For this reason, the folk festival also takes place in the co-op shooter, allows you to unlock suitable cosmetic items and on top of that there are currently double experience points. So there really isn’t a better time to finally set off with the likeable dwarf characters.

What else is left to say, except: Rock and Stone! Oh yes, of course it should be mentioned that Deep Rock Galactic is also available in PC Game Pass if you are already a subscriber there.

»I Am Incredibly Excited About Deep Rock Galactic«


What are you playing Phil?

»I am incredibly excited about Deep Rock Galactic«

More exciting offers for the weekend

Apart from our dwarf highlight, there are a few recommended games on both Steam and GOG that are currently reduced in price:

  • Timberborn: Are you looking for a development strategy game with an unusual scenario? Then Timberborn might be to your liking, because for once you take control of different beaver tribes and have to ensure their survival. (17 euros, reduced by 20 percent)
  • Project Warlock: A shooter that appeals primarily to an older generation. If you get teary-eyed from games like Hexen or the early Doom games, you should quickly find your way around this mix of fantasy and sci-fi. (3 euros, reduced by 77 percent)
  • AI – The Somnium Files: If you can turn a blind eye to the very anime-heavy style, then AI is a really exciting and narratively dense crime adventure awaiting you, in which you don’t just have to investigate crime scenes. (8 euros, reduced by 80 percent)
  • Control – Ultimate Edition: The makers of Max Payne and Alan Wake stage an atmospherically dense and playfully strong third-person shooter. As Jesse Faden you search for different answers in the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control. (10 euros, reduced by 75 percent)

Control - Test Video: Madness Alone Is Not Enough

Weekend Sale: 16 Exciting Games Are Currently Reduced On Steam &Amp; Gog


Control – Test Video: Madness alone is not enough

  • Death Stranding – Director’s Cut: The extended version of Hideo Kojima’s open-world adventure, in which you roam a dangerous world as Sam Porter Bridges, the post-apocalyptic messenger. (24 euros, reduced by 40 percent)
  • Subnautica – Below Zero: The second part of the single-player survival series, in which you are once again exploring, building and crafting a lot under water. (15 euros, reduced by 50 percent)
  • Battlefield 2042: On the occasion of the recently started second season, the current part of the series is currently cheaper and at least a lot has changed in terms of technical and playful condition since the release. (27 euros, reduced by 55 percent)

Battlefield 2042 - Retest On The Biggest Multiplayer Disappointment Of 2021

Weekend Sale: 16 Exciting Games Are Currently Reduced On Steam &Amp; Gog


Battlefield 2042 – Retest on the biggest multiplayer disappointment of 2021

  • Horizon Zero Dawn: In the post-apocalyptic world of the former PlayStation exclusive game, you have to fight robot dinosaurs with bow and arrow. But you will also experience a story that gradually becomes more and more exciting. (20 euros, reduced by 60 percent)
  • God of War: The playful, but not necessarily narrative reboot of the action-adventure takes Kratos to the far north. He has long since started a family there and still has to go back into battle. (40 euros, reduced by 20 percent)
  • Days Gone: Another former PlayStation exclusive that sees you fight for survival with biker Deacon St. John against massive crowds of zombies. (20 euros, reduced by 60 percent)
  • Cyberpunk 2077: The role-playing game from CD Projekt Red is currently experiencing a second spring and is, appropriately, also directly on sale. (30 euros, reduced by 50 percent)
Cyberpunk 2077 Suddenly Breaks The Record


The most played solo game on Steam

Cyberpunk 2077 suddenly breaks the record

  • The Witcher 3 – Game of the Year: One of the best role-playing games of all time, about which everything has actually been told for a long time. If you haven’t set off with Geralt yet, you can now think about it again. (10 euros, reduced by 80 percent)
  • Desperados 3: Developer Mimimi proves after Shadow Tactics that it definitely masters the genre of real-time tactics and at the same time can stage really exciting missions. (15 euros, reduced by 75 percent)
  • Biomutant: In the action role-playing game, you create your own mutant mythical creature and fight your way through a world that is imminent to collapse if you don’t prevent it. (20 euros, reduced by 60 percent)
  • Destroy All Humans!: Remake of the 2005 action game in which you, as the alien Crypto, cause chaos and destruction in the 50’s. (7.49 euros, reduced by 75 percent)

Price comparison offers

Deep Rock Galactic14,99 Euro29,99 Euro
Timberborn16,79 Euro16,79 Euro15,99 Euro
Project Warlock2,53 Euro11,00 Euro11,00 Euro
AI: The Dream Files7,99 Euro
Control: Ultimate Edition9,99 Euro10,00 Euro11,99 Euro9,99 Euro8,50 Euro
Death Stranding: Director’s Cut23,99 Euro39,99 Euro23,99 Euro22,99 Euro
Subnautica: Below Zero14,99 Euro29,99 Euro29,99 Euro26,99 Euro
Battlefield 204226,99 Euro59,99 Euro
Horizon: Zero Dawn19,99 Euro49,99 Euro19,99 Euro19,99 Euro17,50 Euro
God of War39,99 Euro39,99 Euro39,99 Euro34,99 Euro
Days Gone19,99 Euro19,99 Euro19,99 Euro17,50 Euro
Cyberpunk 207729,99 Euro29,99 Euro29,99 Euro29,99 Euro
Desperados 349,99 Euro15,00 Euro49,99 Euro49,99 Euro44,99 Euro
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GotY9,99 Euro10,00 Euro9,99 Euro9,99 Euro
Biomutant39,99 Euro19,99 Euro59,99 Euro39,99 Euro35,99 Euro
Destroy All Humans!29,99 Euro7,49 Euro29,99 Euro29,99 Euro26,99 Euro

Now you are asked: Is there something for you in this weekend’s offers or will your account be spared from new expenses? Did we perhaps miss a very special offer? Write it to us in the comments!

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