Wendy and Nicola kiss on the mouth in public, is it stolen?


Wendy and Nicola kiss on the mouth in public, is it stolen?

The members of ‘Team Infierno’ were caught kissing during a music festival that took place in Mexico City.

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The chemistry obtained by Wendy Guevara and Nicola Porcella in ‘The House of the Famous Mexico’ made more than one think that at the end of the reality show they might start a relationship.

Although on several occasions Wendy and Nicola appear to be good friends, this weekend they were caught kissing during a music festival in Mexico City.

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The kiss took place on November 26 in front of the eyes of hundreds of people in turn four of the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, where the celebrities, true to their style, fulfilled the wishes of their fans, who in search of them asked them to join them. kiss, as happened in ‘The House of the Famous Mexico’.


This is what they caught kissing Wendy and Nicola at Flow Fest.

In the pictures that have spread on social networks like TikTok, you can see that although Nicola Porcella resisted at first, in the end it was Wendy who firmly held her head to steal a kiss.

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Nicola feels love for Wendy

Last September, the native of Peru admitted on Maxine Woodside’s program ‘Everything for Women’ that although he felt love for Wendy Guevara, it was only love between friends, explaining that he was always there for to him as a friend.

“It’s a love story, it’s a story of love and friendship. We always say this … Yes, there is love, I feel love for Wendy … it is the love of friends, of brothers, that if she calls me and needs me, I will be there for her,” he expressed.