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We’ve got 7 fitness breakfasts for every day of the week

Here on the website you can find many recipes that will help you lead a healthy life. However, in this post I want to give you 7 different and very tasty breakfast examples so that you can start the weekdays happy and with lots of energy, I hope you enjoy them!


It is a sweet potato (sweet potato) cooked, about 120-150 grams, with two “fried” eggs (without oil) on top of the sweet potato I put a half-baked apple (or a small apple), to make it quick Than they slice it thinly, put it in a glass container with cinnamon, microwave it for two or three minutes and that’s it. This combination is very rich and balanced, it contains proteins, carbohydrates with moderate to low glycemic load, which are also gluten free and packed with antioxidants, sweet potatoes are really good and very healthy, provided by the yolk, vitamins Good fats to go, this is one snack that will give you tons of energy.


Just add four or five egg whites, a third of a cup of oat flakes, a tablespoon of chia seeds or ground flaxseed, cinnamon, sweetener, almond milk or a splash of water, you can add vanilla, mix well Can and that’s it. They are high in protein, fiber, have the right amount of calories, will help control appetite, anxiety, speed up metabolism, and protect muscle mass. If you’re a man you can almost double the amount of egg whites and oats (lucky you, hehe) so you can eat all that comes out. If you are intolerant to gluten, you can replace the oats with 1/4 cup of almond or coconut flour.


Oats (1/3 cup) cooked with water. Once prepared, I added a measure of protein powder, a little dry coconut flakes on top and a tablespoon of granola fit in (the granola is sugar free and made only from oats and almonds, no other grains Doesn’t happen, usually granolas they are very high in calories, sugar/carbs…)


For people living outside of Venezuela, a scrambled egg prepared with a whole egg and three whites, a little turkey without salt, is called “No Salt Oven Roasted Turkey Breast” from the Bors Head brand. It’s the equivalent of using sliced ​​chicken breast, which is what I do when I’m in Maracaibo, because turkey ham has a lot of sodium, over 400mg. For every 100 gr. Ham’s And as a complex carbohydrate, a baked sweet potato that I then mashed up in a sandwich maker turned out great.


Chocolate Pancakes! Super easy and quick to prepare, just 4 egg whites, one tablespoon cocoa powder, that bittersweet pastry, four sachets of stevia or sweetener, a dash of vanilla, 1/3 cup oat flakes and water or Add a splash of almond milk. ,


Oat Pancakes (1/3 cup oats + 4 egg whites + a splash of water + 1 Tbsp chia or ground flaxseed + cinnamon/stevia, mix everything and that’s it) 1/3 of a sliced ​​banana + 1 /2 Tbsp butter peanuts and goji berries (antioxidant bombs!) I go with pancakes with a cup of coffee with homemade almond milk.


It is an all iron rich breakfast, contains proteins, carbohydrates and good fats. Healthy and Tasty! If your diet is clean, you eat 85 to 90% natural, you exercise and you are healthy then there is no problem in eating one or two whole eggs. Now, this is a breakfast for people who want to do “maintenance”, if you want to lose fat you should make some adjustments depending on whether you are a man or a woman. In the event that you are a woman, I suggest you choose either fat or carbohydrate and only one source of fat, i.e. the yolk here provides little fat and also the avocado, it is a healthy snack but it is not a that I would recommend for those who want to lose fat, now I am in the maintenance phase, in the same way what I did was control the amount of each meal very well, only 70 gr. of avocado, an egg, 1 small slice of whole grain bread made with high-fiber sprouts (Ezekiel), and turkey is what they sell Miami Natural, no salt, sliced. If they live elsewhere, it is equivalent to eating grilled chicken breast. If you are in the process of losing fat, I suggest you go for carbohydrates in the morning, and leave the fat like avocado for the night, as it does not raise insulin unlike carbohydrates. If you’re a man, you can consume one more egg, the same amount of avocado, and double the amount of carbohydrates. A man can lose fat with this type of breakfast because they have twice the muscle mass and burn more calories than us in a day. They may be more flexible with their diet because their hormonal environment is different, totally unfair, isn’t it? … I do this type of breakfast on my high carbohydrate days, I usually alternate two days with low carbs, and one day with high, with more fat on the low days and less fat per day on the high carb days. Day contains slightly less fat. Likewise, every body is different, there are always exceptions, learn to know your body. I wanted to give you an example of a balanced breakfast when you want to replenish reserves, get a surge of energy and go hard.

With info from Sasha Fitness

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