What 6 limits should you set to maintain your mental health?

What 6 limits should you set to maintain your mental health?

Wellbeing – 6 limits you must put in place to maintain your mental health

the concept of “welfare“generally composed of two aspects: mental and physical health, However, many people pay more attention to Body above it Mind, That is to say, they take care of their diet, exercise and stay up to date with medical consultation, but their mood is not in “good condition”. With which, in many cases the results are biological. anyway, there are 6 limits must be imposed to maintain mental health.

Who hasn’t felt physically tired at some point? Tired, putting a word into common usage. If it is physical, the best recommendation is to rest, lie down, take some time where the body recharges with energy. Now, when the mind is tired, the tantra is not so clear. Also, how we get to that state can be confusing for many.

In order to establish barriers and not reach this state, limits can be imposed that allow mental health to be taken care of like physical health. Like most things in life, everything starts with you. It is listening to itself. And this is where these constraints should be placed so that The “outsider” does not affect us in our emotionality and creates negative feelings.

By Setting Barriers And Not Reaching This State, Limits Can Be Imposed That Allow Mental Health To Be Well Taken Care Of By Physical / (Getty Images)
By setting barriers and not reaching this state, limits can be imposed that allow mental health to be well taken care of by physical / (Getty Images)

,Our emotional health And this boundaries what we put on ourselves are closely related, In general, the more clearly defined our boundaries, the more peace we feel mentally,” said Naval Mustafa, an expert in psychological health and cognitive neuroscientist, GQ Magazine, Similarly, the expert assured that “Boundaries are a way of meeting our needs, setting realistic expectations, and teaching others how to treat us.,

He also cautioned that “they are a form of self-care and self-love that allow us to protect our energy and psychological health”, requiring that “learning to set limits, the first step is to be aware of those moments.” in which one feels overwhelmed or mentally exhausted”. Mustafa said, “Identify the moments when you need more space, time or self-esteem.”

The Limits Are Not Only Up To Our Places, But Also To Our Person/Credit: Getty
The limits are not only up to our places, but also to our person/credit: Getty

physical limits

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Although it may be obvious, setting physical limits are necessary To maintain our mental health. but it’s not only personal space, but also all places that belong to us, That is, define in advance whether you are going to reject someone, for example, from entering your room; Or that they contact you without your permission. All of these intrusions or behaviors can be emotionally charged.

To prevent this behavior, simple explanations can be used that are not necessarily aggressive. “I don’t like to be touched without my permission, can you stop doing it? I don’t feel like going out tonight, but thank you for your offer or I would like you to leave me alone”, some phrases There are those who can help you establish this hurdle.

Emotional Boundaries Are Just As Important As Physical / Credit: Getty
Emotional boundaries are just as important as physical / Credit: Getty

emotional limit

In this case, it is possible to establish the way it occurs with physical boundaries. emotional barriers, The best way to do it is by saying needalthough it should be clear shape To avoid confusion or anger “others”.

For example, when a friend or family member decides to take you to a psychologist (without bad intentions) or talks with you about a topic that makes you uncomfortable and you don’t want to, You can articulate this to prevent it from affecting your mental health. Some phrases you can use are: “I don’t want to talk about this right now, I’d love to help you, but I have so many problems with myself right now,” she said.

Communication Can Be Aggressive, Intrusive Or Manipulative, Making It Clear How You Feel Will Help Your Mental Well-Being / Credit: Getty
Communication can be aggressive, intrusive or manipulative, making it clear how you feel will help your mental well-being / Credit: Getty

communication range

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a way to put Barera Feather Communications es abstinencewell, that they address you in a way aggressive or intimidating, These boundaries are related to the way your interlocutor addresses you. That’s why the best recommendation is: Withhold any tone of voice, gestures, words, gaze, or general body language that seems aggressive, intrusive, or even manipulative.

when you realize you can across the border From logic to aggression, Point it out without losing control in communication, Express yourself as an equal and let him know that he is allowing himself to get carried away by emotions. For example, you can explicitly state to your interlocutor: “Please don’t talk to me like that or I don’t feel like talking about it.”

You Must Define Your Mental Boundaries To Address The Debate Without Falling Into The Debate/Credits: Getty
You must define your mental boundaries to address the debate without falling into the debate/credits: Getty

mental limit

when you define yourself mental limitHaving this clear aspect you will be able to feel Safe about what analysis, you will also see that It is not necessary to give opinion like others., as long as they refer to debates and not to conflicts. But not only that, bookmark them mental barriers Will inspire others to accept you better personality You Opinion, Sin the access judge you,

In the event that you think that these obstacles can be overcome, the specialist recommends as an exercise to clarify the situation to the interlocutor with simple phrases. “It’s okay if we don’t agree or I respect your opinion, even if I don’t agree with you” can be valid arguments for others to drop their behavior.

Your Time Is Valuable, Allocate Some Of It To Yourself / Photo: Klaus-Dietmar Gabert/Dpa
Your time is valuable, allocate some of it to yourself / Photo: Klaus-Dietmar Gabert/dpa

time limit

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nothing more important than weatherHe limited resources that we all have fatal And it’s so valuable that you get paid for it when you work. Beyond this economic aspect, the truth is your time is yours and it is necessary that reserve some of it for yourself, many times, Taking time out by yourself for friends, acquaintances or family will only make you mentally frustrated or exhausted.

Once you establish this boundary and understand the importance of your time, you will be able to pass this barrier on to other mortals, even your loved ones. For example, one way to warn her is: “Next time, can you tell me if you know you’re going to be late? I’m sorry but I can’t help you today, I have work or we can call each other, but I only have 15 minutes.

To Prevent A Relationship From Becoming Toxic, Establish In Advance How You Want Or Allow Yourself To Be Treated/(Getty Images)
To prevent a relationship from becoming toxic, establish in advance how you want or allow yourself to be treated/(Getty Images)

limits in relationships

In this aspect, it is very important that you define how you want or allow others to treat you, Although it may look similar to above, When in a relationship it’s so hard to stop doing the things that spoil our mental health, Again, Communications es essential To enforce this constraint.

For example, some questions you might use, according to the expert, are: “Do I need a few minutes to calm down, or can you clearly express what you want?, or I like it.” Not that you tell my personal life to others. People.”

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