What are biomarkers, one of the latest revolutions in medicine

area of biomarkers One of the most enthusiastic in medical research conducted today. In all types of diseases, scientists are constantly on the lookout for them, as they open the door to major improvements in clinical management.

Definition and Features

This issue was discussed in the first edition of the program This is science, not fiction, organized by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and focused on Cutting-edge advances in medical research.

The device barely requires a drop of blood to return results.

Thus, as explained by the US National Cancer Institute and quoted from Pfizer, a biomarker is “a biological molecule” is found in blood, other fluids, or other tissues of the body, and whose presence is indicative of a normal or abnormal process, condition, or disease”.

i.e. biomarkers are used find out for sure Certain bodily processes or deformities. Therefore, it must meet a series of characteristics: they must be objectively measurable, they must be specific and they must be sensitive.


las benefits of biomarkers They are very wide. For example, they can provide information about the risk of suffering from a certain disease, or they can indicate how the patient is going to develop (predictive biomarkers). In addition, they can be diagnostic tools that provide certainty about a patient’s pathology or that allow treatment response to be evaluated.

Colon cancer is one of the deadliest in Spain.

Equally interesting are its applications in cutting-edge areas of medicine and research, such as personalized and precision medicine, Regarding these latter areas, ngel Carracedo, coordinator of the Genomic Medicine Group at the University of Santiago de Compostela and director of the Galician Public Foundation for Genomic Medicine, explained at the event that “the study of biomarkers, and their applications in the medical field, enables us to develop personalized medicine.” allowed to develop”.

“Usually, we use genetic biomarkers, although they can be of any type, and the future lies in Integration of biomarkers and clinical data. These biomarkers set us apart and allow us to reduce patients into groups in order to personalize treatments and drugs, and with them, some pathological approaches, management to improve the efficacy of therapies given to patients. We do.


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