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What are potentially dangerous asteroids and how many are there?

About 4,700 dangerous asteroids revolve around the Earth’s orbit. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about asteroids that are dangerous to Earth.

While the planets in our system revolve around our star, the Sun, in a never-ending circuit, there are only a few asteroids threatening the earth, potentially dangerous asteroid. And that is, if they cross Earth’s orbit, they represent a potential threat to the human species. Although, What is the real scope of this space threat?

We already know that asteroids, comets and meteorites are not all alike. now, between Countless asteroids orbiting our star, Some come very close to our planet and the rest of the planets in the Solar System. This is the point where science in general and astronomy in particular play an important role. This is because astronomers observe and develop strategies to avoid the devastation caused by an asteroid collision.

What is an asteroid?

asteroid They are rocky celestial bodies that orbit our Sun. Generally confined within the main asteroid belt, remaining in orbit. However, some of them come very close to us and hence are called near earth objects (NEO for the abbreviation in English Near Earth Object). They are classified into three categories:

asteroid love, Which cross the orbit of Mars, but not Earth, which they only come to touch.

apollo asteroid, They follow an orbit that is mainly outside Earth’s, but occasionally intersects Earth’s orbit.

aten asteroid, They follow an almost permanent path between the Sun and the Earth.


Asteroid discovered by the European Space Agency. Source:

How many potentially dangerous asteroids are there?

Indeed, NEOs whose trajectories intersect the Earth’s orbit can be both comets and asteroids. There are currently about a hundred comets and over 20,000 asteroids of this type. These numbers are constantly changing as new objects orbiting close to Earth are discovered. There are approximately 1,900 asteroids classified as potentially hazardous to our planet. However, based on data from NASA’s NeoWise Near-Earth Object Infrared Exploration Program, they predict that there are About 4,700 dangerous asteroids. by definition, Diameter Average number of asteroids considered potentially hazardous more than 140 meters And its orbit is within the range of 7.5 million kilometers from the Earth.

One of the largest and most dangerous near-Earth asteroids known till date is called 1036 Ganymede, Like the moons of Jupiter. It was discovered in 1924, and measures about thirty kilometers in diameter. It will pass very close to the Earth in the year 2024. Until that happens, the medal for largest and closest asteroid to Earth goes to him. Florence, about 5 km in diameter, Which passed close to our planet in 2017. But, the one that has created the most fear is undoubtedly the asteroid. Apophis: At first, a collision with Earth was predicted for the year 2036, however, everything indicates that this will not happen and All risks have been dismissed by NASA.

If asteroids are so scary and generate so much uncertainty, it’s because They can wipe out all life on earth. However, you should know that the effect of Asteroids greater than 10 km in diameter (Extremely Dangerous), like the one that contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs, are extremely rare. occurs on average Once every 100 million years.

How to predict and avoid asteroid impacts

Many space programs are dedicated to tracking asteroids, as is the case with Panstarrs, Neowise or Cneos programs, all under the supervision of NASA. These programs are dedicated to assessing the danger they represent to our home, our blue planet, with the clear objective of verifying the risk of collisions and being able to react in time. To measure the risk of collision, we use, among others, Stopovers in Palermo and Turin. The first is logarithmic: threatening objects are given a positive value, and others a negative value. The Turin scale goes from 0 to 10, with 10 being synonymous with planetary catastrophe. a) yes, the famous asteroid Apophis, Initially scored 4 runs, was reduced to 0, the risk was negligible.

Nasa Asteroid

NASA simulation for destroying a potentially dangerous asteroid. Source:

deflecting or destroying asteroids One that might hit Earth is a real challenge. The scenarios employed by the Public Space Administration seem to be taken straight out of science fiction movies, but they are seriously studied nonetheless: Deflect them by pushing them, for example with spaceships, completely shatter them with nuclear bombs or even use lasers, etc.

How many potentially dangerous asteroids are there?

According to NASA’s calculations, there are currently about 4,700 potentially dangerous asteroids for Earth.

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