What are robocalls: how to avoid them to get rid of phone spam

Spam call

Regardless of whether it’s mobile or landline, the notorious “robocalls” tend to be a real annoyance for anyone with a phone. Although in theory the so-called General Telecommunications Law will eliminate or at least limit this type of communication, the reality is that in practice this does not happen most of the time.

In this article We will tell you what exactly robocalls consist of, if they pose a risk to users and how to get rid of them. once and for all.

What are robocalls?

It is important to start by explaining that robocalls are not dangerous, at least not most of the time. On the contrary, they can be defined as a type of marketing technique used by various companies to try and measure their potential clients over the phone. It just needs to be clarified that its operation is not usual.

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For example, if you receive a robocall, it may happen that you do not hear anything for a while, until someone comes on the phone, or that they hang up on you directly, after a short farewell message (sometimes , not really). What commercial sense does this practice make? Well, a bigger one than it seems.

In this kind of inconvenience for the user, what do the companies behind the campaign take advantage of the programmed calls (robotic, to understand us) to know which numbers are working and, above all, when they pick up the phone. Reasonable, later to do different sales campaigns. Consider that many databases are obsolete, and some numbers are not available.

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As we said, robocalls are not dangerous in themselves, like other types of phone, phishing or SMS scams. But that doesn’t mean they tend to be a nuisance. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid this spam, or at least limit it as much as possible.

How can you avoid robocalls?

Perhaps the best thing to do to avoid robocalls is to sign up for Robinson list. You don’t know what it is? Well, a free service where citizens can register to avoid hassle calls like this. No company should call or send messages to its partners.

If this step also does not work (in these cases there are some things that are 100% infallible), you can always file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Of course, looking at it from a practical point of view, there are other more comfortable options that do not require much effort. For example, Download an application to avoid robocalls of this type.

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In the same way, you can also block this type of calls, if your phone has not previously recognized them as spam, or directly take a more common step: Don’t answer any phone number you don’t know. Although that, of course, does not completely end the irritation. And you may run the risk of not attending something important.

Also remember that by disabling caller ID, you can prevent spammers from confirming that your number is active and responsive, which is ultimately what robocallers are usually looking for.