What are the devices that lead you to more than 400 kWh per month and what do experts recommend to save on consumption

with reduction in energy subsidy, the type of artifacts used in the household and the consumption of each of these become fundamentally important. Some of the recommendations provided by experts range from simple actions, such as improvements to enclosures Along with the placement of weather stripping that prevents heat loss, look at the energy efficiency of appliances when buying a new one, for example a refrigerator or washing machine. How do you get 400 kW?

To try to answer the previous question, we’re going to present an example using consumption calculator Each artwork offered to be loaded by the official government site.

refrigerator with freezer: Given that its operation is about 5 hours per day (depending on the graduation between minimum and maximum, as well as how many times per day it is opened), the monthly consumption is about 14 kWh per month.

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microwave oven: Let’s take a conservative example, in which it is used to heat only certain ingredients or some simple cooking preparation, for example rice. Since we do not have to complete 1 hour per day, but the calculator does not allow us to enter a smaller fraction, we take 1 hour per day but only 5 days a week. In this case, we have another 14 kW/h.

microwave oven.  photo: example
microwave oven. photo: example

automatic washing machine: With the water heater, using it 1 hour per day, 5 times a week, adds another 20 kW/h.

electric kettle: We assume that for continuous use during the day (to prepare tea or mate, switched several times), they will complete 3 hours per week: 27 kWh/h.

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Low consumption lamps: We estimate 7 units, to be switched on for 5 hours a day in winter, at 16.5 Kw/h.

Electric Coffee Maker: We prepare coffee and leave it for an hour, so that it is hot 7 days a week. Another 4 kW/h per month is added.

Iron: Used 4 times a week, for one hour, this rises to 13.5 kWh/h per month.

vacuum cleaner: 1 hour per day, 3 times per week, 16 kWh/h per month.

LED TVs, from 32 to 50 inches: Two units in a house, lead to a consumption of 17 kWh/h per month.

water pump: HP, to load additional tanks, for irrigation systems or to boost water in low-pressure areas. Calculating one hour per day, 3 times a week, 7.7 kW per month would be added.

So far, the calculator’s consumption shows a cumulative total of 150 kWh per month. However, it is notable how this will increase with the following two items, which especially apply to neighborhoods that do not have natural gas, as they must use electric kitchens and stoves.

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electric stoveWith burner, which is used every day for cooking in areas where there is no natural gas: 94.5 kWh per month.

halogen ovenThree candles, in a two-unit house, at least two hours a day in winter, 7 days a week: 165.4 kW.

With these two tools, the calculator account shows a total of 410.58 kWh per month, which is over and above the limit for receiving subsidy.

tips to reduce consumption

It is worth emphasizing that the above is an approximate sample and each household should adjust the calculator based on its own equipment and hours of use. Consumption calculator can be found on this site. But in addition, it is useful to review the recommendations made by experts during these hours:

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high energy efficiency equipment, When we go to buy a new appliance, we should look for the label which describes its efficiency in power consumption. The best rating is A, which means savings of about half of normal consumption.

Inverter Technology: This is an element to take into account, for example, in the purchase of a refrigerator or freezer, as this system controls the speed of the compressor so that it operates more evenly, given that the starts are the moments of greatest consumption. .

reduce air intake or reduce heat, Considering that halogen heaters and stoves have high energy consumption, eg 1.20 kWh for each hour of ignition (which means 72 kWh per month with only 2 hours of ignition per month), their consumption should be minimized. It is recommended to limit

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However, given the lack of heating options in areas that do not have gas, one of the possible remedies is reduce heat loss, Improvements to window enclosures and lower door baseboards (this does not mean that there is no longer the necessary ventilation for the atmosphere).

Air conditioning equipment: To heat an environment, it is recommended that it be no more than 20 or 22 degrees, while in summer it should not be lower than 24 degrees.

take advantage of the sun most of the time, Rearranging work or study spaces can help reduce electricity consumption, for example placing desks or work tables next to windows makes it possible to take advantage of natural light.

defrost the freezerA repeated advice in recent times is to defrost the freezer from time to time, as the ice on the walls increases electricity consumption by 20% above normal.


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