What are the most common scams on Tinder and dating apps?

Many people resort to internet or cpn dating app to get success in their love relationship. This is one of the ways technology is changing the way we relate to each other.

However, it is important to know that like any other technological innovation online, there are people who take advantage of it illegally for profit.

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So, these are the most common scams that a person can come across while using dating apps:

Romance Scam:

In this, cybercriminals establish a deep connection with their victims for weeks or months, and then say that they urgently need money for a dramatic situation, such as the illness of a loved one or a large debt. When they receive the money, they disappear. with this.


The perpetrator, again, establishes a romantic bond and then solicits sexually explicit photos and videos. Soon after, they threaten their victims to make these images public in exchange for money.

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Investment scam:

Once again people fall while trying to get into the bond of love. In the middle of the alleged relationship, the scammer begins giving financial advice to the other person and eventually asks them to invest their money in a fraudulent business such as a pyramid.

Crypto Scam:

A relationship is formed, and when there is enough trust, money is requested to invest in the cryptocurrency, which turns out to be fraud.

identity fraud:

In this type of deception, the scammer tries to trick the victim into using their personal data in a variety of scenarios, such as social networks, credit cards or bank accounts.


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