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What artificial intelligence does not understand

In 1950 Alan Turing formulated a vision that revealed what would be one of the deepest ambitions of algorithmic language in its incorporation into the daily life of societies: “Artificial intelligence will exist when we are able to differentiate between a human being and a computer program.” Will not be able to. “Computer in a blind conversation.”

It is troubling, for now, to find incompetence and blindness on the part of human beings, with elements of artificial intelligence, before placing them in a state of helplessness that is being confused with its qualities that call for expression. Is reasonable. conversation about a topic. That Turing scene now has various names: Siri, Sophia, Jill Watson, ELIZA, Giallus, etc. What we know supports what is called artificial intelligence, but there are also programs that, unrecognizably, support Passes for subjects. There are programs and not subjects, and they have very specific applications, for example in university interview systems or online courses with tutorial sections.

Turing’s premise was dismissed and forgotten by particular academic circles, and questions about the implications of this new appearance in language were sidelined; Attention to this displacement of an object, to which the properties of a subject are attributed, can be a point of reflection on the mechanisms of appropriation and language management, and the object wearing itself as a subject. can delve into. The subject that represents language as an object. We can agree, as proposed by Heidegger and Lacan, that the subject is launched into language by the ineffable and nameless, that is, from outside language; The subject is thrown into a language system that is already established and will continue to function after his death. On the other hand, the purpose of artificial intelligence is assigned a programmed language and so far a type of compartmentalized language, which is specialized, yet without the ability to establish communication with another or other specialized language compartments, which without However, this would be a later stage of development of the language of artificial intelligence. In any case, the subject comes from the unspeakable, which nevertheless constitutes a saying, so the subject is said and named, while the object of artificial intelligence leads to the sayable, and says, but says not as a will, as the subject, but as a command to say, or as an injunction not to say: an artificial intelligence object acts only in its ability to respond, and if it does not respond, So it doesn’t work. There is nothing that artificial intelligence does not aspire to be said by this object, which can also be defined as gourmet item devoted to saying absolutely everything from a supposed knowledge, and even more complex, which aspires to be unknown or without subject or speech,

Artificial intelligence’s slogan is: Speak!, and its tools have been assigned an ethic, or a way of living in the world. What is this morality? It is that which rejects the will, and for this reason it creates a series of negation devices in the face of any filtration of obscurity around its logical process of clarifying language, both from the outside and from the inside. , and it positions itself on the path of self-correction: its external inputs modify its logical structure to handle even jokes from a position that excludes the double meaning of the language: it derives only from pre-established rules. shows the pattern. The language structure of artificial intelligence seeks literality, certainty, absoluteness, and retrieval of information provided by the subject. This is why the subject is also subject to a displacement process, where it is positioned as an object of information input for the algorithmic language.

The problem statement is as follows: the object of artificial intelligence is located as a subject, and the subject is located as an object that provides information to the object of artificial intelligence: a dialectical process in which the motion of the master is updated . and of the Hegelian slave. And in this case, as Turing warned in that original scene, the subject is cast as the victim, and the reason that suffering and pain remain indescribable at their core is the development of artificial intelligence’s language. For some is incomprehensible, because words are associated not only with meaning, but also with the effects that they produce in humans. Vincenzo Costa puts it this way: “The word can put us in a certain state of mind, sadness, anxiety, fear of illness, and suffering in the face of man’s finite destiny. But the word immerses us emotionally. only to the extent that it brings forth what is understood by it, And understanding or not understanding, only human, because that is the foundation of mistakes, and mistakes are repulsive to artificial intelligence.

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