What benefits you can receive in December

Senior bonuses: what benefits you can receive in December

We are in the last month of the year and some will also be making their final payments Premiums and subsidies for pensioners or senior citizens This year that was not immune to the delivery of new ones Advantages and replacement for others.

If you are part of this important group and want to know What are the advantages for you? Stay tuned this month of December as we will let you know what that will be below.

What bonuses or subsidies are there for pensioners or seniors in December in Chile?

Recognition bonus

He Recognition bonus benefits the people of third age they have migrated from the old pension system to the AFPs. This post will be added to that Individual capitalization account of the beneficiary upon retirement due to old age, disability or death. The bonus application must be made directly to the relevant AFP offices.

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Child bonus

He Child bonus benefit from Women aged 65 and over, pensioners and biological or adopted mothers. The amount corresponds 10% of the minimum monthly income of 18 years begins to generate profitability from the child’s date of birth. The amount varies depending on whether the child was born before or after July 1, 2009.

Universal Guaranteed Pension (PGU)

The PGU is a significant advantage for Adults 65 years and older, maximum allowance of $206,173 per month to those who meet the requirements. Applications are possible all year round via the IPS offices or the web platform.

Christmas bonus

As usual, the IPS grants pensioners the Christmas bonus, a one-off financial support intended for this purpose Support during the Christmas season. The basic amount is $26,734, j For each person considered a dependent, an additional $15,104 is added for the pensioner.

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Golden Wedding Bonus

He Golden Wedding Bonus donates a monetary contribution to older couples who are celebrating 50 years of marriage. The amount is $425,360 divided into two equal shares of $212,680 to each spouse. The application is submitted in person ChileAtiende branches of the IPS or on its website within one year of the anniversary.

Electronic family bag

December 1st marks the end of the year for the Electronic family bag what granted a bonus of $13,500 per family member to the most vulnerable families. This amount is intended exclusively for the purchase of food and is automatically granted to the beneficiaries Family allowance, maternity allowance, family allowance and security and opportunities in Chile.

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Do you receive any of the above services?

Do you receive any of the above services?

Yes, I am a beneficiary!