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What can a diabetic patient eat? food recommendations

diabetes It is a disease in which the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood rises above the physiological level. It can damage our blood vessels, damage vital organs like heart, kidney and brain.

there are two types diabetes: But diabetes type 1the patient is unable to produce insulin; while in diabetes type 2, the body does not produce or use insulin properly. Without insulin, glucose remains in the blood and does not enter the cells.

For this reason, it is important that every patient who has diabetesTo maintain a, take great care of your diet healthy blood sugar levels and reduce the likelihood of serious problems diabetes,

Next, we share some Dietary Recommendations If You Have Diabetes Or if you know someone who has diabetes, and thus focus on foods that are actually healthy.

What diet should a diabetic patient take?

In reality, there is no specific diet that works for everyone who suffers. diabetes, So that It is important to consult a nutritionist Which can help us to prepare a diet plan.

The plan drawn up by the specialist should take into account several points, such as the medications that are taken, body mass index, other conditions, lifestyle and tastes, among others.

However, generally diabetic diet They share certain characteristics, such as the consumption of certain foods in the right amounts and established schedules.

recommended foods for diabetics

Eating the right foods is the main goal for a person with diabetes so Keep blood sugar level under control, However, it is equally important to consume foods that help prevent or control pregnancy complications. diabetes,

key in diabetes Eating a variety of healthy foods from all the food groups in prescribed amounts and at controlled times. Some examples of recommended foods from each group are:

  1. vegetables growing from the ground to the sun (especially green leaves)
  2. Protein and Dairy
  3. healthy fats
  4. Starchy vegetables (the ones that go underground)
  5. fruits and grains

Eat these foods in the right amount Help manage blood sugar levels and body weight, The plate method and carbohydrate counting are the methods used to plan how much to eat if you have diabetes.

plate method In this, the portion of food for each group is calculated according to the part of the plate it should occupy. It is especially recommended during dinner and lunch. Using a 15cm diameter plate, fill half with non-starchy vegetables, a quarter with protein and the last quarter with grains or starchy vegetables. You can also include a cup of fruit or drink a glass of milk.

carb counting This involves tracking the amount of carbohydrates eaten at each meal. Carbohydrate counting helps monitor blood sugar and calculate insulin dosage if needed.

The exact amount of carbohydrates varies by condition diabetesManaging it depends on how much physical activity you do and what medicines are taken. Nutritionist will help create a personalized eating plan Based on carbohydrate counting.

What foods and drinks are needed to control diabetes?

Las people with diabetes Of course They should control the level of glucose in their blood and for this they should reduce the intake of drinks and foods containing large amounts of sugar., This does not mean that they cannot be consumed, but that they should be consumed in a conscious and measured manner.

A person with diabetes should limit their intake of certain foods and beverages:

  • Carbohydrate rich foods like sweets, cakes, ice creams, cereals etc.
  • Drinks with added sugars, such as juice and soft drinks.
  • white rice
  • Tortillas and Bread
  • Pasta and made from white flour
  • starchy vegetables, such as potatoes
  • wine

control food to be able maintain healthy blood sugar levels It requires discipline and effort. However, the result is a reward for living a healthy life with diabetes.

remember not to control diabetes This can lead to the development of serious diseases. Avoid negative consequences by controlling the food and drink you consume. Eat well to live better!

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