What do new contracts look like for Dibo Samuel, AJ Brown and Terry McLaren?

What do new contracts look like for Dibo Samuel, AJ Brown and Terry McLaren?

What do new contracts look like for Dibo Samuel, AJ Brown and Terry McLaren?

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Johnson is not included in the bond reports, but is in the same boat as his classmates as he looks at his four-year extended contract. Former Toledo star Ben Rottisberger is confident that he will be able to finish the job by defeating his former team-mates. A.D. In 2021, Pittsburgh captured 107 for 1,161 yards to secure the position.

But he is Johnson Steeler, which means he can see some securities in Pittsburgh from any contract extension because that’s how his franchise works. Gunner Olszewski, currently the club’s highest paid player, has been signed by the Patriots this summer. Juju Smith: Schuster and Mike Wallace did not receive significant funding from the team. Their lack of security has led to the closure of Antonio Brown’s business and the Levant Bell.

Although the team spends money on great skills, it comes with team-friendly deals. A.D. In 2012, Brown’s $ 8.5 million guaranteed bonus was linked to a $ 42.5 million deal. A.D. The four-year extension of his $ 68 million contract in 2017 made him the league’s highest paid player, but it came with only $ 19 million in guarantees. And Johnson. Antonio Brown is not as high-profile as he was in 2021 (but thanks to him, Mr Big’s chest is not the same headache).

Pittsburgh has the capital to re-energize Johnson and has extended key players before their start-up contract expires. But history has it that Diggs in Buffalo is 20 to 25 percent more secure than the 43% Hill deal with the Dolphin deal, or 50 percent guarantee.

So here’s Johnson’s choice. If he continues to play well (but this is damaged or if the game crashes into a new cube) he has some safety net) or he can take or play the deal that looks good on paper. Test the string in Pittsburgh and the free agent in 2023. Smith-Schuster Experience – has a one-year contract for the last two seasons, one of which is only $ 3.25 million this season – persuaded him to skip the contract extension?

Hard call. If Pittsburgh decides to roll Mitchell Trubiskin in a QB1 way, I can see that when he takes an extension in 2022, he could face any risk of falling out with Mitch. If not, it could be to Johnson’s advantage that the 2021 breakthrough and the threat of a free agency could be built.

Expected Agreement: The stylists guarantee $ 80 million over $ 18 million over four years. Johnson turned it down and played until 2022, the final year of his current contract.