What do you ask for to approve pension reform and cast your vote? – financial

 What do you ask for to approve pension reform and cast your vote?  - financial

The reform package, which President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will present this February 5, includes his initiative for a 100 percent pension for workers; However, for this proposal to become a reality, Congress, which is made up of the pan bench, will have to approve it.

When the executive launched the initiative, López Obrador detailed that the pension reform would be financed by the government in an effort to ‘reassure’ business owners.

However, given the question that public finances are ‘not enough’ to cover the ‘dignified’ retirement of workers, it is anticipated that the disappearance of autonomous bodies, a reform that AMLO would also introduce, would hamper this initiative. Will help finance.

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What condition did PAN set for AMLO to approve pension reform?

PAN deputy coordinator Jorge Romero revealed a week ago that his party is in favor of the proposal, as long as the money does not come from the disappearance of autonomous bodies.

The leader of PAN members in San Lazaro said he would be ‘pleased’ if the Mexican President would argue about where he would get the resources. He said, “The only thing we want to know is where, where are you planning to get that money? Because that doesn’t work in a normal general collection, because all the trusts are already Are over.”

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Given this, the PAN member warned that if the proposal included dismantling the autonomous bodies for pension funding, blue and white people would vote against it: “If he tells us: ‘We are going to increase pensions Because we are going to disappear as a constitutionally autonomous body, then PAN is not going to disappear.

He also clarified that the party will analyze AMLO’s pension reform before deciding its vote, as it is “about to present his latest smoke bomb in a package of initiatives and we are certainly going to take them as is.” they are.”

The PRI confirms without conditions that it will approve AMLO’s pension reform

A few days earlier, Rubén Moreira, leader of the PRI in the Chamber of Deputies, had announced that his party would cast its vote in favor of the pension reform initiative announced by López Obrador.

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“We have a directive from the national leadership to go in favor of anything that benefits Mexicans,” he said. He explained that “We agree on all the reforms that relate to people’s rights, including a decent retirement or pension.” ” He added.

The PRI coordinator only asked the executive to “present the initiative according to the terms they stated and to give us financial support to cover the expenses they stated.”


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