What do you need to travel to Rapa Nui?

What do you need to travel to Rapa Nui?

The daughter of the actress could not travel because she only had her birth certificate even though her parents accompanied her.

Tamara Acosta used social networks to complain about an unexpected disaster she experienced with her daughter when they wanted to travel to Rapa Nui.

The actress reported that the minor was prevented from boarding the plane, despite being accompanied by both parents.

“I was on the beautiful Easter Island, I came back after a long time, I have beautiful memories of this Island, I came with my daughter, my hope is to show her the wonders in this place and send my beautiful memories to him,” he explained.

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Tamara Acosta explained that “unfortunately a policeman did not allow him to travel, despite having his birth certificate (which we have traveled many times) and with his parents.”

The artist stated that “we appealed to judgment, to common sense but nothing, in the end my little girl did not travel,” so she had to fly alone, because her trip to Rapa Nui because of work.

What documents do you need to travel to Rapa Nui?

To travel to the island, whether a Chilean citizen or a foreigner as a tourist or visitor, The Single Income Form (FUI) must be filled. This method, which costs nothing, This can be done all year round at the Rapa Nui entrance website.

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The documents you need are:

  • Identity card, passport or other official travel document.

For tourism reasons

  • Return ticket from Easter Island (non-transferable) with a return date no later than 30 days from the date of departure.
  • Reservation of accommodation authorized by Sernatur, indicating the address of the place.

If you come as a guest

  • Letter of invitation from a person belonging to the Rapa Nui or another person who is allowed (according to article 6 of the Law) to stay and/or live on Easter Island. This invitation must contain the following information:
  • Folio number issued by the Provincial Government of Easter Island.
  • Identification of the person or persons invited, that is, full name, nationality, document type, document number, email, start and end date of the invitation with accommodation.
  • Identification of the host, that is, full name, identification document number, address where accommodation will be provided to the person(s) invited, telephone number and contact email if available.
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How valid is it?

For tourists: the maximum time spent on the island is 30 days.