What does Android Auto Error 17 mean and how to fix it

What does Android Auto Error 17 mean and how to fix it

If you want to have extremely efficient communication between your Android phone and your car, it’s best to use Android Auto. This system is created by Google so that whatever you have on your smartphone appears on the car screen, it is a real pleasure, as long as it works correctly. There is one error that brings bitterness to many users, as identifying what the solution is has become an odyssey. If you are suffering from error 17 we will explain what it is and how to solve it.

When we have a smartphone with Android operating system and a state-of-the-art car with generous sized screen, we can’t think of a better interaction between the two than using Android Auto.

Enjoying what we have on our mobiles on our car screens means a lot of comfort in many areas, such as listening to music from a streaming service like Spotify, having a GPS navigator on the screens of people who are free, so we need to do this. No more money will have to be spent on updates of types of software etc.

One of the most interesting faculties is to achieve better interaction in everything with phone calls and even with the management of all the people related to the smartphone through voice, because we are our favorite for such effect. assistant can be used.

For this we will not have to remove our hands, because thanks to Google Assistant or Alexa, we will be able to do all the work by sending one of these two virtual assistants. In addition, we can also ask them questions like “what’s the weather like” or “is there a lot of traffic” in a certain area.

As you can see, Android Auto offers many advantages. In addition, we are now on the verge of releasing a facelift that will make it even more modern. CoolWalk, which the company has given this new interface, should appear this summer to offer a new way to interact with this software.

Unfortunately, not everything is positive in Android Auto, as all of us who use it regularly have experienced communication failures with the program’s phone.

Yes, it’s true that Google updates it quite often, but it’s also true that there are errors that recur constantly and there doesn’t seem to be a close solution, at least for now.

Probably we all have seen a communication error on our screen with a numerical code indicating what kind of error we have. Sometimes it is accompanied by a short text that explains why this error is occurring, but other times it is not.

One of the repeated problems is the so-called error 17, which brings bitterness to many users who do not know how to solve it.

Let us see what we have to do so that this error does not reappear on the screen of our smartphone.

Error 17: How to fix it

As we told you earlier, this error 17 looks like a lot, for which no solution was known.

That time you cable To get into Android Auto, practically immediately you An error occurred with a code in which the number 17 was seen, At first there was not much information and therefore it was quite difficult to know what would be required to solve it.

Fortunately now if this error appears, we also have solution is written below,

For a long time it was thought that the problem came directly from the car, some kind of incompatibility with some models and the new Android Auto update, as no one found anything strange on the phone other than the fact that it was a different- With a different model.

But nothing is further from the reality, as both the error and the correction come from our own smartphones.

And one of the most amazing things is that the solution is really simple And this is a problem that is solved in a matter of minutes in the configuration of our smartphone. But hey, it’s something that’s usually accomplished, not just technology but life itself, because sometimes the simplest solution to problems is, and it’s us who complicate it.

This error is caused by the microphone of the terminal 17Because, for some reason, you haven’t given Android Auto the necessary permissions to work with that hardware.

Solving it is easier than you imagine, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • first thing to go Adjustment and then move Application,
  • Once we’re in we get a . have to click on android auto app And on the next screen that appears, find out where it is written enter permissions andR.
  • then we should see a part called no permissionwhere the microphone should be visible.
  • we click on it And when the next window appears, select What should we do? Allow only when app is in use,
  • right now we go back And we will see how the microphone shows us the already accepted options.

With what we just did, error 17 should no longer appear when we connect our smartphone to the car screen via Android Auto.

How did you see that this problem is extremely easy to solve and it does not reappear.

Other Common Mistakes

There are other errors that are also quite common in Android Auto and they also have their respective solutions so that they no longer bother us.

The most visible are the following:

  • Error 16: This is an error caused due to incompatibility of Dual Apps feature which is mainly present in Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO phones. The solution is very simple, you have to deactivate all the applications that you have duplicated on your smartphone.
  • Error 8: The reason for this error is a conflict between the car and the smartphone due to the time zone or daylight saving time settings. The solution is that both the time on the screen of the car and on the screen of our smartphone, including the time zone, are the same.
  • Errors 11, 12 and 14: These errors are resolved in the same way. We enter the settings of our smartphone, go to Applications, and then search and click on Android Auto. At this exact moment we look for Storage, enter and select Clear Cache and Clear Data. Once we are back to the previous screen, we click on Force closing Android Auto and uninstall it. After we have restarted the phone we reinstall Android Auto again and we will see how the problem gets resolved.

How can you read today’s great hero, error 17, in the end did not cause as much trouble as it might seem at first glance. The way to solve this has been quite simple and an error is caused by, let’s say, the minimum.

Other errors that we encounter in Android Auto are also resolved quite simply.

While we wait for Google to launch the new interface of its software to connect the car to our smartphone, at least we’ll have the errors under control.